Motorola Project Ara Customization by Consumer

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What happens when Google takes over a brand? Innovation is born to whole new levels of techie goodness. Moto X made smartphone shoppers shrill in excitement as they were able to determine color options and accents from the company’s website. Now, Motorola is ready to tackle a project that will be sure to boost consumer interest. Called Project Aura, Motorola expresses they have been working on a development that would leave a majority of customization options to the consumer. Broader than colors, Motorola is looking to make waves in the saturated industry.

Moto X Success

Moto X is a success to Google. Motorola was hemorrhaging serious losses when Google took over the ship and the company is still finding its footing. Larry Page, Google’s CEO implored for patience, advising investors that Motorola’s rebuilding process is merely in its infancy. Sales did rise in the third quarter, boosting an outlook that had been dismal for too long with Motorola. In addition, Google is manufacturing the Moto X in the United States, taking the cost of labor to an incredible higher percentage compared to what Apple pays in China. This alone may cause reconsideration for purchase options for Americans.

Moto X was a success and seemingly a testing phase for Project Ara. The customization process for the Android device allowed consumers to pick from a slew of color combinations. Pink, blue, lime and yellow were the rave as customers flocked to the site to start building their phone. Sure, while Motorola may look like the black sheep for shipping 400,000 handsets compared to Apple’s multi-million range – there is a greater level of perception. Google is looking to build Motorola and truly the company is barely in crawling stages as they look to innovate and grow.

Motorola Project Ara Customization by Consumer

Project Ara

What is Project Ara? It is the next phase of developing smartphones that leave the level of building satisfaction to the consumer. The concept derives from the idea of an open hardware system – consider mix and matching components that include a colorful display, varying size keyboard or even adding an extra battery. This advanced process of smartphone development is an incredible idea for consumers to enjoy the possibilities of creating their own device.

Dave Hakkens, the creator behind Phonebloks is working with Motorola in regards to streamlining the components for high-end smartphones. This open ecosystem of choice, advancement and possibility is pretty exciting. Especially with Google behind the push of this latest technology. The concept of Project Ara is still a guessing game for those in the tech field as they await word from Motorola. The company is forecasting an “alpha release of the Module Developer’s Kit” to arrive sometime this winter. Below are pictures from Motorola (credit Motorola) to the varying designer, customization blocks.

Motorola Project Ara Customization by Consumer


Motorola now back with Google’s innovative creativity and pocketbook is looking to make waves in the smartphone industry. While curved and flexible screens are dominating the predicted 2014 new technology buzz, Motorola just blew open the doors of expectation. Project Ara is looking to expand the process of open systems on a level of hardware selection for consumers, by working with Phonebloks creator Dave Hakkens. It would permit consumers to have a vast array of selection when it comes to Lego-building their own smartphone. A new way of customization for the consumer soon to spear the niche of Motorola. Is Project Ara the next step to connecting smartphones with consumer desires or will the idea flop in the progressive steps of Apple?


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