Natalie Portman Bares Skin on Marie Claire and Talks Paris

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Natalie Portman will be featured on the November cover of Marie Claire and she is sharing some thoughts on her husband and co-star while baring skin wrapped in red. The magazine will release in time for Portman’s return to the big screen when Thor: The Dark World is released on November 8. In addition to wearing beautiful items of fashion, the diminutive beauty is suggesting she may be darting off to Paris with her family as a new residence.

Portman was born in Israel in the early 80s before her family migrated to Long Island, New York. Her feisty approach and ability to adapt made her a perfect fit for her debut appearance in 1994’s The Professional. Starring opposite Jean Reno displayed a talented, budding actress – with an ability to connect with her co-stars at such an early age. From that movie role, Portman’s star shined and she became an in-demand actress. One of her greatest roles resides in the Oscar winning flick, Black Swan– which depicted Portman as a delusional and obsessed dancer.

November 2013 Marie Claire features Natalie Portman
November 2013 Marie Claire features Natalie Portman

Marie Claire is not the first feature where Portman is baring some skin, she exposed a lot more in Independent, funny flick, Your Highness. During her interview with the high-profile magazine, Portman shared a potential goal for her family. She may be moving with husband, Ben Millipied and her cutie little boy, Aleph to Paris. She shared she was “freaked” when her husband asked her if she wishes to go, because it is like a life-long dream.

Portman is looking towards the end of 2014 to make the big move from L.A. to Paris, for now she is enthralling in the soon-to-be release of the sequel of Thor. Speaking of Thor, Portman gave huge kudos to co-star Chris Hemsworth, calling him “charismatic” and one of the greatest people she ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Marie Claire 11/2013
Marie Claire 11/2013

Currently, Portman has a few movies in post-production including Knights of Cups which discusses celebrity status and success for character Rick, a role played by Christian Bale. She will also be starring in Jane Got a Gun as Jane Hammond playing opposite of Ewan McGregor. The plot surrounds a woman (Portman) reaching out to her ex-boyfriend to save her law-breaking husband from being killed. In addition, she is also looking  to star in a flick directed by Terrence Malick and opposite Ryan Gosling, slated for release in 2014/2015.

Portman has enthralled in her successes and family life. She met Millepied on the set of Black Swan in 2009 and the couple have happily been together since, marrying in 2012. Portman has always remained an earthy person, something fans adore from the petite beauty. From her funny SNL skit to playing in Independent flicks, Portman finds the variety refreshing and enjoys it. She told Marie Claire her goal in life was to reject the idea of “snobbism” and focus on enjoying her life.

Starring on the cover of Marie Claire for their November issue, Portman continues to remain a shining example of a strong and stable actress in Hollywood. She embraces her family life and the ability to expand her acting wings. She remains a class-act and well loved among the viewing audiences. Even baring some skin, she remains beautiful, classy and above all a likable person – that continues to draw fan appreciation.


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