New Study Explains Why Owen Wilson Won’t Marry

Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson

The newest study from the Pew Research Center explains why Owen Wilson won’t marry.  The actor, who is expecting a baby, wants to find meaning in his life by having kids.   The new study had parents identify their feelings and actions for a previous day’s interactions with their kids.  The results were clear. Having children is hard work but it’s worth it.  Owen Wilson, now 45, wants more significance in his life and another child will likely provide it.

The study explains the reasoning for his behavior.  Mr. Wilson is already enjoying his relationship with his three year old son, even though he doesn’t see himself as marriageable material.  There are provable benefits to having children and having a superstar bank account makes the benefits available without the commitment and responsibility of marriage.

The report shows that parents of children under the age of 18 acknowledge their relationship with their children is more meaningful than their experiences in the workplace.  While children are more demanding, the payback is greater.  Compared to 36% of paid work-related activities, 62% of child related activities were rated “very meaningful”.  Childcare activities were rated more tiring than activities in the workplace but it is the momentous rewards of childrearing that endears and magnetizes mums and dads to become parents, with or without a family.

In line with the values of other Hollywood superstars, Mr. Wilson has no plans to build a family with the mother of his next child.  Already Owen Wilson is the father of a boy, Ford Linton Wilson who was born in Hawaii in 2010.  Little Ford is already being brought up in two homes as Wilson never married his first child’s mother, Jade Duell.  The Pew Report’s new study shows that parenting can be meaningful for single or married couples.

The new baby’s mother is out alone in public and getting ready for a 2014 birth.  The mother is Owen Wilson’s former trainer, Caroline Lindqvist.  Blonde and beautiful, Ms Lindqvist was married but separated from Ritu Chopra, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, when she conceived a baby with the superstar actor.  She has now filed for divorce.

Owen Wilson has taken an increasingly popular approach to this situation.  By refusing to wed the mother of his new baby, he has kept the possibility of a meaningful relationship with his second child, without the stressful and demanding needs of a wife.  This means that Mr. Wilson can continue his life of freedom and can further pursue his creative lifestyle while managing his much-publicized depression.

When asked why his relationship failed with soulful singer Sheryl Crow, Owen Wilson explained that it is, “the same story (that) I’ve had with most of my relationships. I was lucky enough to find a great girl and, because of my lack of…focus, the relationship went south”.

Owen Wilson is reputed to have a net worth of $40million and still commands high salaries, despite his inability to build a marriage.  He has starred in 55 movies and TV series including Woody Allen’s Oscar winning Midnight in Paris, and Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan.  He has repeatedly worked with college friend, Wes Anderson, with whom he wrote The Royal Tenenbaums.

Owen Wilson appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show this weekend and promoted his new animated movie, Free Birds.  The latest movie is kid friendly and was something he wanted to do so his children could enjoy his work.  The movie stars two Thanksgiving turkeys who want to get turkey removed from the Thanksgiving menu.

The metaphor for Mr. Wilson’s life is superb.  The man who cannot focus on marriage is acting like a turkey.  The question is whether Owen Wilson will be eaten up by his decision.  It’s not so easy being a Dad when you have no family to share traditions like Thanksgiving.  This new study may explain why Owen Wilson won’t marry but only time will tell whether he can stay as free as a bird.

by Vicky Judah

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