New York Wife Cuts Husband Apart and Burns up Body Parts

A woman from New York was declared guilty on Friday of killing her husband, then cutting him apart piece by piece and burning up the various body parts.

Rose Chase sat stone faced as an Ontario County jury foreman proclaimed her verdict. It took over four hours of deliberation over two full days. Chase, age 32, of Seneca, NY, was sentenced to second-degree murder in the death of her husband Adam Chase. She was also said to be guilty of tampering with murder evidence and also endangering the welfare of a minor child.

Adam’s mother, Silvia Chase stated after the verdict came out that justice was done, and that her son could finally rest. She added that she would have never dreamed her son dying by the own hands of the woman he had married. But she also never questioned that Rose Chase, her daughter-in-law of nearly 12 years, would be found guilty of the horrendous crime.

The Chase jury decided its finding after watching over an hour of taped interviews of Rose that detectives had with her inside the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office.

The jurors agreed that Rose Chase shoved her husband down numerous flights of stairs, and ended up killing him, as the couple fought inside their house in Seneca, NY on June 14, 2012. She then proceeded to hide his body in the basement for a number of months. After the smell became too overwhelming, she cut his body into pieces, then burned the pieces of remains. She took his left-over bones and scattered them on the grounds around her mother’s home in Potter, NY. This is where investigators discovered them about six months after he disappeared.

Rose lied continuously to law enforcement and others about where he was during that period of time. She described her whereabouts to police in the taped interview. She said she was unhappy in her marriage and had many affairs. She also admitted to killing her husband Adam.

Rodney Miller, who is a life-long friend of the Chases, and a private detective from Gorham, NY was the one who let the authorities know once he persuaded Rose Chase to give herself up. We would not have gotten to where we are today if not for Rodney Miller, Silvia Chase said.

Miller said he just knew that when Adam vanished, the situation did not feel right, that he knew Adam was dead. He added that Rose Chase is now going where she belongs and that he is ecstatic.

Ontario County District Attorney Michael Tantillo stated the taped admission was a major key to winning the case but Rodney Miller’s detective work was excellent.

Rose Chase’s defense attorney Catherine Walsh disputed that Rose did not ever mean to hurt Adam as they were fighting, but after he went down the stairs, she was terrified. During court summaries, Walsh stated that Rose believed her husband to be dead when she carried his body toward the basement stairs. Rose confessed she knocked Adam Chase down the second flight of stairs, but since she thought he was dead, she believed “you can’t kill a dead person.”

Their marriage was broken, Rose Chase’s mother Patricia Mooney exclaimed and added she believed critical evidence was left out of her daughter’s case, such as Rose had become suicidal.

Rose Chase will face 15 years to life or 25 years to life in prison serving on her murder conviction. She could face an extra 1 1/3 to 4 years to life on the charge of tampering. Judge William Kocher is to decide if these terms will be served concurrently or consecutively when she is formally sentenced on Jan. 15, 2014.

Silvia Chase and Adam Chase’s father Lindon, have short-term custody of their grandson Trysten. They are having a very hard time dealing with the fact their son was not only murdered but killed by his own wife who then cut him apart piece by piece and burned up his various body parts. They are planning a memorial for him to try and give them the closure they need.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

USA Today

Democrat &  Chronicle


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