Obama Now Anti-Union, or Something

Union members on strike
The Democratic Party, which has the White House, the Senate and a large portion of the House of Representatives, continues to promote the myth that, somehow, the Republican Party is running the country and was, therefore, responsible for the partial shutdown of the federal government. Senate majority leader Harry Reid has made it publicly clear the Democrats have no intention of negotiating or conceding any point, yet – still – it is the Republicans who are holding the nation hostage. In, probably, the most bizarre turn of events in the now four-day-old shutdown, the President delivered a speech in Rockville, Maryland Thursday in which he apparently outed himself as being anti-union…or something.

As he continues in his attempt to avoid taking responsibility for anything – which has become a hallmark of his Presidency – Obama once again petulantly whined about how everything is the fault of the party that is not in power.

The Teleprompter is the marvelous device that contributed greatly towards Obama coming to power; he has demonstrated a mastery of delivering a scripted, rehearsed speech – read verbatim from the screens before him – to adoring crowds. Most Americans, who knew nothing about this man, believed the deception that he was a gifted orator. The more he improvised, however, the more it became apparent that he was barely capable of stringing together an intelligible sentence when speaking without notes. His verbal gaffes quickly surpassed Bush’s, who’s only sin was to mispronounce and, on occasion, inventify words. The current President takes the verbal gaffe to a new plain – an almost Bidenesque level of stupidity, such as visiting 57 states; asthma sufferers using breathalyzers, or inhalators; confessing that he did not know how to say certain words in Austrian, a language that does not exist; bizarrely stating that the Middle East is a threat to the entire region – presumably, the President believes that the Middle East is a country. The list goes on quite extensively. His geographical blunders are legendary and, of course, outright lies can be thrown into the collection of Obama linguistic contortions. To list those, along with the documented proof, would take a whole new website. Perhaps he should be shown more respect, however; after all, his grandfather did liberate the Auschwitz concentration camp – somehow magically arriving there before the Soviet army and, thus, rewriting the commonly accepted historical account of that event.

On Thursday, however, the President – whose election campaigns were funded largely by unions – completely outdid himself and made, truly, the most imbecilic and staggeringly hypocritical statement ever made by any United States President. With characteristic smugness, he attempted to ridicule House Republicans for shutting down the government. How the party that is not in control of the government managed to be responsible for its shutdown remains a mystery, particularly when only one of the two parties has publicly stated that it will not negotiate on any point; that being the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, the Joker-In-Chief – as it can be assumed Obama thinks of himself – decided to make the crowd laugh at the Republicans’ expense. The spectators were employees of a plant before which the President stood. He compared the Republican shutdown of government with the, apparently, ridiculous and hypothetical example of workers walking off the job “because they want to get something”.

Yes, that is correct; that is the example the President used. Allow that to sink in for a moment.

Union leaders across the country, who – when they are not bullying the President – have been loyal to him from the start, must be scratching their heads; the principle weapon in the union arsenal is the threat of strike: When union bosses do not get what they want, they order their members to walk off the job and plants get shut down. Obama, however, doesn’t believe that this ever happens; he thinks that the idea of workers doing this is merely some crazy alternate reality. The President, it seems, is now anti-union, or something.

Wearing his usual smirk, Obama regaled the crowd with the following crazy scenario: “If you’re working here…and said ‘You know what? I want to get something…I’m just going to stop working ’til I get something. I’m just going to shut down the whole plant until I get something’.” This, of course, is something that never happens in that alternate universe which the President inhabits. He then told the crowd what he, evidently, believes should happen to workers who would do such a thing; “You’d get fired, right?” He suggested. At this point, the crowd – who were likely all, themselves, union members – laughed and raised their voices, presumably in approval. The entire surreal scene concisely demonstrated an amazing lack of intelligence on the part of both the President and his union-supporting admirers. He didn’t stop there, however; he went on to explain why he apparently feels that there is no justification for workers to strike in order to gain something: “the deal is you’ve already gotten hired. You’ve got a job. You’re already getting a paycheck…you also are getting the pride of doing a good job [awkward verbal construction is the President’s – Ed.] and contributing to a business…well it shouldn’t be any different for a member of Congress.”


So, now President Obama is pro-business and anti-union, or something. Even more amusing, his pro-union supporters clearly agree with him that they have no right to strike, or something. Perhaps Obama was showing his true, Marxist colors, however. Communist revolutions are always immediately followed by the disbanding of unions (and their replacement with state-controlled unions) and the imprisonment or execution of union leaders.

Are you paying attention, Mr. Trumka?

An op/ed by Graham J Noble

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