President Obama to Pay for Museum of Muslim Culture to Stay Open?

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According to a report that was on Fox and Friends, President Barack Obama has not agreed “to pay for the Museum of Muslim Culture out of his own pocket,” during the current government shutdown, though this is exactly what co-host Anna Kooiman said about him on air this past Saturday.

On the show in question, a panel had just finished discussing the closing of the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C., during the government shutdown. The panelists expressed their disapproval of it, and Anna Kooiman mentioned that later on in the show, they would talk about “some things that are continuing to be funded.”

She then added that the president “has offered to pay for the Museum of Muslim culture out of his own pocket.”

This was not at all accurate, and she hadn’t checked out the facts before reporting about it; but, that didn’t stop her from reporting that Obama had said he’d pay for funding the museum out of his own pocket.

What prompted this co-host/journalist to state something so inaccurate?

Kooiman supposedly took what satirical National Report news site reported as being the truth, rather than realizing that it was only meant to be satirical.

There is not even a real museum called the Museum of Muslim Culture, though there is one in Jackson, Mississippi, called the International Museum of Muslim Cultures.

Remember, it’s a satirical article, but what the site stated is that President Obama said that the museums and parks will always be there, and will be there after the shutdown ends, though for now, they’re closed.

But, in the fictional article, meant to be humorous, President Obama went on to say that an exception would be made when it came to the Museum of Muslim Culture.

In a made-up quote attributed to President Obama, National stated that Obama said that in the case of this museum, because he considered it to be “sacred,” he had decided to “use my own personal funds to reopen this historic piece of American culture.”

Co-host Anna Kooiman, 29, once it came to her attention that she’d reported something that was patently false, didn’t then apologize for her gaffe on air. Instead, she tweeted about the incident on her Twitter account.

An apology on Twitter is still an apology, right?

While an apology on a social media site such as Twitter is still an apology, albeit, not one mentioned on air,it’s what Kooiman left out of the apology that’s interesting to note.

The Fox and Friends co-host, Anna Kooiman, tweeted that she was sorry about her comment about a museum maybe closing. What Kooiman didn’t mention is that she said that President Obama had stated he was going to pay to keep the Museum of Muslim Culture open with some of his own money, while not apparently caring that every other park and museum was closed due to the government shutdown.

In the Tweet Kooiman wrote this past Sunday, she blamed her mistake about the museum possibly closing on “flawed research,” adding “My apologies. Won’t happen again.”

Was Anna Kooiman’s report about President Obama wanting to donate his own money to keep the (fictional) Museum of Muslim Culture open during the government shutdown just the result of a poor job of research? Or, is it an example of Fox News reporting anything that they think will appeal to the anti-Obama sentiments of many of their viewers? Please leave your comments below, and let me know what you think about this subject.



Written by: Douglas Cobb

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