Republican Party Boomeranged [Video]

Republican Party Efforts Backfire
The attempt by the Republican Party to use the government shut down and the nation’s fiscal problems to fight the Affordable Care Act has boomeranged. In polls conducted by Peter D. Hart, Democratic pollster, and Bill McInturff, Republican pollster, the popularity ratings are in a downward slide for the Republican Party.

Republicans have been gravely damaged and blamed for the current state of the nation. The public blames the GOP for the government shut down. More individuals blame the Republicans as opposed to Obama 53 to 31 percent for the country’s current situation. Republican leaders are wholly to blame in their defiance of realizing they’re fighting a losing battle.

The Republicans are also dragging down a crucial component of their ideological movement. The Tea Party has just a 21-percent favorability rating by the public as opposed to the Republicans 24 percent in polls. This represents an all time low for both parties and the numbers are not likely to rise as the shut down extends in the coming days.

The effort of the Republican Party to thwart “Obamacare” has boomeranged and the blow back is at the cost of the working American public. Republican supporters view the action as commendable, but the polls reflect the action as internally detrimental. Polls also reflect the health-care law has been viewed more favorably as the shutdown continues on.

When polled about eliminating funding for the health law, 50 percent opposed the move as compare with earlier poll results of 46% effectively reflecting a rise in support for the initiative. The tide is clearly changing as the public becomes more aware of the real problems in the nation’s capital. “As the debate has been going on, if there is a break, there is a break against the Republican position,” said McInturff.

Observers have noted that President Obama’s ratings are stable and poised to rise depending on the actions of the Republican leadership. Obama had initially been sliding in the polls but with the advance of the shut down numbers remained stable. Many take note of his admirable leadership in his stand against the Republican Party’s threats.

Senator Ted Cruz, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner all poll high in unfavorable poll results. As the government shutdown continues, many federal workers and military personnel remain unpaid workers. Observers have contemplated how the Republican Party will be affected in future elections as a result of their actions.

The one thing the public sides with the Republicans about is Obama’s stance against negotiations to possibly eliminate the problem. The shutdown of the government and the debate concerning raising the debt ceiling have raised concerns of the direction of the economy and the country as a whole. The Republican Party’s attempt to hold Obama hostage has clearly boomeranged affecting the party in a negative light.

By Thoms Barr

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