Riots in Mexico, Dilemma of Education Reform

Riots in Mexico, Dilemma of Education Reform

Education has been problem for many developing countries, how and when these governments will accept the need to implement a real reform for a true education. They cannot solve this situation with desperate attitudes; the riot in Mexico was disastrous for them.

One day, these people will find a real leader capable to comprehend that all the illness brought with corruption, bad professionals, and ill-educated police, is the main cause of all the viciousness situations that break true meaning of education. To understand that is not necessary to use rude power to fetch solution, government must train the police force to deal with any protest, of course, most of the time, they receive order to finish brutally the protest to show power.
The incapacity of the government deal with situations that goes beyond their limits, is visible to the people and show their weakness to realize the complexity of the problem, that is why, they prefer to solve quickly any trouble without end all the possibilities of negotiation, eliminate the chance understand real cause.
However, knowing the cause but giving evidences to pretend to solve, show the inability to make police chiefs to work peacefully, the desire to lead brutally to stop people is larger than they wish to govern. The reforms that teachers and society are eager to reach are not the only problem which affects the education.
Visibly Mexican government are frightened with problem of violence, mainly the drug ones that are killing many people and the stressful situation which the police face every day are affecting their judgments to deal with conflicts.

In this way, the government ought not to send tactic forces to repel the protest, because there are real combinations of factors (poverty, no basic instruction, no faith of changes and others things) which determine their conduct to deal with heavy situations that oblige them to deal rationally.

The question is, these factors are benefits for them, no, because these politicians and polices were the past students that did not received a good education. Why and how they will allow reforms, when they were at school age no one gives attention and anything was done to avoid these limitations?
The police (Government) whose duty is supposed to control and protect the people, allowing peaceful protests, is living under pressure of accepting the rules and dynamism which democracy gives to the people. The liberty of questioning wrong (disastrous) actions that are not expected from governors let these protesters feeling a strong and impatient desire of changes.

President Nieto and his executive body must admit that changes are necessary and will benefit all the people, however, governors are frightened by the fact of making Mexican educated (less poverty, no drug violence, good conditions for teachers and other class of workers) will bring or force them to deal with complexity, questions and good policies to drive the country in the right place of development, these realities makes the process of implementations more easy to the social path of equality and will urge the government and society to understand that corruption, bad education end the humanity.

Written By: Fernando Matos