Rob Ford: Mayor of Pipe Dreams?

Rob Ford Mayor of Toronto
Rob Ford ladies and gentleman.

Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has allegedly been seen smoking from a crack pipe says Toronto Police. This claim comes from the police having recovered a mobile-phone that had a video on it that appeared to have the mayor smoking from a crack pipe. The video has not been released to the public. Rob Ford is the Mayor of Toronto but he may also be the Mayor of pipe dreams.

For the record, Rob Ford has denied that he has used crack cocaine and says that he is not intending to resign. On Thursday he gave a comment to reporters saying, “I wish I could come out and defend myself. Unfortunately I can’t because it’s before that courts.” He concluded his statement by saying. “I have no reason to resign.” an odd statement considering no charges are currently filed against Rob Ford.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair told the press that a video was recovered  from a computer hard drive that had content said to be similar to previous allegations. Rob Ford may be against the ropes right now for allegations of having some serious pipe dreams, but he does openly admit that in the past he has smoked pot. “Oh yeah, I won’t deny that.” Rob Ford responded when asked about his relationship with marijuana. “I’ve smoked a lot.” That being said, there is a huge difference between marijuana and cocaine. Would you smoke pot? Would you smoke crack cocaine? Two similar questions with very different consequences.

Rob Ford Mayor of Toronto
Does the R stand for Rob?

For Rob Ford this situation is a sticky one. If a case is made against him it could spell disaster for the mayor but is there enough evidence to build a case? On Thursday a package of documents went into detail about the relationship between Rob Ford and accused drug dealer Alexander Lisi. The documents detail a police surveillance operation of massive proportion.

Police found hundreds of calls between Rob Ford and Alexander Lisi. In the past Alexander Lisi has played the role of driver for the mayor, a fact that now shows a direct correlation between the two in an undeniable situation. Surveillance has seen the two continually meeting in odd places, such as parking lots and gas stations. Usually, this pattern would involve Lisi leaving a package in Rob Ford’s vehicle before departing. The amount of evidence against Mayor Rob Ford has now built into something more than just a video on a phone.

Despite it all, Rob Ford has refused to resign as the Mayor of Toronto. He still hasn’t offered much to defend himself and when he walked out of his home Thursday morning he refused to give any sort of comment to those with cameras and questions, he simply told them to get off his property until they eventually did. Does Rob Ford stand a chance in this situation? Does he have secret pipe dreams? Is it a misunderstanding somehow? Or is it more likely that this mayor is doing things the citizens don’t approve of.


By Garrett Jutte


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