Rockstar Agent to be Exclusive to PS4?

Rockstar Agent and Exclusive to PS4

As Rockstar’s Agent was exclusive for the PS3, gamers are optimistic that the same will be for PS4. Though Agent is still under development, online gamers have seen Agent listed as one of the coming games in Social Club.

When everyone was in a frenzy before the release of GTA V, Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive had renewed the trademark of the Agent brand in July. Anyone notice the Easter egg in GTA V on the license plate on an Aston Martin? The fact that such an Easter egg exists in GTA V can only suggest that Agent is definitely in the works and will most likely take over the online world.

Agent is a game that is reminiscent to L.A. Noir – sophisticated, yet full of action exploits that allow gamers to experience the life of a mysterious agent in the world of counter intelligence. The crazy thing is it is said to be much more intense than GTA V as it is also an open-world game that offers much more depth than the standard carjacking and comedic parody of Los Angelenos. Tweets of the highly anticipated game continue to make rounds as many gamers are not sure when the long-awaited espionage game will make its debut. Sarcastic comments of PS6 will be out way before Agent will be out is indicative of a fickle gaming community. Good games take a moment to develop, while great games take years and sometimes more.

The hope that Agent will be exclusive for PS4 comes from fans who have reveled in the games past success, which Rockstar has yet to be thanked as GTAO seems to have shut down any chances of clever marketing for the long-awaited game. Is it possible the game is on ice while Rockstar allows GTAO to take the stage for as long as it can possibly shine?

Perhaps Rockstar is doing the right thing and keeping Agent under wraps until they are ready to reveal it in its entirety. Though the long wait is somewhat painful for gamers chomping at the bit, Rockstar is too smart to do a failed reveal of a product that will lose gamers’ confidence before its actual launch – ahem, one gaming console comes to mind.

The PS4 will be the perfect console to host the game for many reasons. One is the fact that game is said to be so expansive that it will need a powerful console that will run games requiring more than 50 fps. As the PS4 sports a 500 GB hard drive, games like Agent will be more than a desirable game to play – it will most likely be beneficial for car chases and seamless combat scenes. Secondly, PS4 makes sense as a next-gen console for games that are popular for open-world exploring and add-ons.

When Agent was first introduced on June 2, 2009, Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, made statements that PS3 will be the exclusive platform for the franchise, which doesn’t completely rule PS4 out; however, with the hush-hush rumors of an exclusive to PS4, much confirmation has yet to be revealed.


Written by: Dianna Coudriet

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2 Responses to "Rockstar Agent to be Exclusive to PS4?"

  1. Goat   April 9, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Reads like it was written by a Playspectrum child. Agent is a late ’70s cold war game – nothing else is known – absolutely nothing. It was to be PS3 exclusive, but that’s not going to happen now. Even before the PS4/Xbox1 the Sony CEO was uncertain it’d be exclusive, saying it was Rockstar’s decision – suggesting they were not contractually obliged (therefore, it’s likely R* would make it for Xbox too – it’d be throwing away money not to). The part where it says about Agent’s past success makes no sense and is just PS3 fanboy nonsense…then there’s a suggestion that Xbox One’s launch was a failure(?), to confirm the bias.
    As for LA Noire – that was a poor game! It had no action at all and was a very lightweight rehash of GTAIV. It was like it was made as practice for trainees.
    Also, there are Aston Martins in GTAV? Have you even played a GTA game?
    This is a very poor article. Hardly surprising as ‘Dianna’ can’t even spell her own name.
    BTW – It’s ‘champing at the bit’.

  2. Stuart Wood   October 19, 2013 at 3:51 am

    iv played n completed gta5 story n i loved every minute of it but now im loving gta online th only bad thing about it is im getting a ps4 on release date so i wouldnt b goin bk to the ps3 which means i will not be able to play a game that i payed a lot of money for n a game that iv put loads of time in so all i (and millions of other gta players ) would like if rockstar could at least let us all continue playing n having fun playing gta online on next gen consoles coz what iv played online it feels like a lot more is goin to happen n that i think gta online can only get bigger n better than any online game out there giving us the same old crap year after year (cod )its time to break away from them games n take your place as number ONE online game which i think can only b done with upgrading it to next gen


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