Sheriff Joe Arpaio Ruled Racial Profiler

Joe Arpaio

On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered that an independent monitor and a community advisory board be put into place to make sure that Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio was conforming with the constitutional requirements that were being put into action after there were findings which stated his office participated in Latino racial profiling after the sheriff himself was ruled a racial profiler.

US district judge Murray Snow discovered in May that the Maricopa County sheriff’s office and Arpaio were singling out Latinos, and Arpaio’s deputies were giving them unreasoningly lengthy detentions.

This was the first discovery found by the federal court pointing out about Arpaio’s sheriff’s office and of their profiling after a small number of Latinos sued the sheriff’s office for violating their constitutional rights and they believed Sheriff Arpaio to be a racial profiler. They said they were told they were detained simply because of their race.

Judge Snow had put on hold ordering any fixes in the case as to allow time for both parties to try and reach some sort of arrangement, but disagreements over main matters stopped any agreement.

In the Wednesday ruling, the judge said that a monitor would be selected to supervise the organization’s re-training of deputies and to make sure the office was obeying the constitutional requirements. Snow also demanded the formation of a municipal advisory board directed at helping rebuild the public’s assurance in Sheriff Arpaio and the department.

Sheriff Arpaio and his office had fervently opposed the choosing of a monitor, saying that it would mean every one of the policies would have to be cleared through the observer and would in turn invalidate his personal power and sheriff control.

Arpaio’s lawyer, Tim Casey, explained how he was still going over the 59-page order, but stated he was basically pleased with how sensible it was. He also said that Arpaio is still in total charge of his department, and how they had concern about how this monitor would be allowed to have too much power. Arpaio himself was unwilling to give up any of his Sheriff’s duties.

Casey said that the monitor could not tell them what to do. He also stated how the federal court would make the ultimate decision on whether or not Sheriff Arpaio’s office was in compliance with any orders or not and how most everyone of them were pleased with that decision.

Judge Snow’s ruling does not completely stop Arpaio from imposing the state’s immigration laws, yet it does enforce a long list of limitations on the sheriff’s patrols. A lot of these did focus mainly on Latino areas in the county. They include prevention on allowing race to be used as a deciding factor in choosing whether to stop an automobile with any Latino occupants inside and on keeping Latino passengers purely on the notion that they just might be in the United States unlawfully.

Sheriff Arpaio and his deputies can no longer stop any Latinos just because of what they might suspect. They have to have a reason to pull over the vehicles with the Latinos inside, not just because of the person or people’s race. With Sheriff Joe Arpaio being ruled a racial profiler, he will be the one walking a tight rope.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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