Simpsons Creator Sam Simon Fighting Terminal Cancer

Sam Simon with his dogs

Sam Simon, one of the original 3 creators of the wildly popular cartoon show, “The Simpsons”, is still fighting terminal colon cancer after being given 6 months to live in late 2012. The diagnosis came after a year of discomfort and inconclusive medical testing. The 58-year old worked with Matt Groening and James L. Brooks throughout the early 90s to develop what would become the most successful sitcom to date, however he left the team in 1994 after creative differences with Matt Groening. The successful comedy writer left “The Simpsons” with an incredibly lucrative agreement that has given him tens of millions of dollars in revenues each year – and he has given much of it away to charity.

Simon was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the end of 2012 and given only 3 to 6 months to live, however he has beaten those odds and says that he won’t go down without a fight. The comedian, also responsible for many episodes of “Taxi” and co-production of “The George Carlin Show”, is using traditional as well as non-tradition methods to fight his disease. He says, “I’m not sad, I’m happy. I don’t feel angry and bitter. I want to do whatever I can to survive.”

He also says that people are lining up at his door looking for money. A lifelong philanthropist, vegan and animal rights activist, Simon has spent years supporting many animal and philanthropic charities such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and his own charity, the Sam Simon Foundation. The Sam Simon Foundation rescues homeless dogs and trains them to help deaf people as well as disabled war veterans. PETA headquarters were named the Sam Simon Center this March to recognize his ongoing support, both philosophical and financial. Simon also supports a Los Angeles food bank that provides vegan meals to 200 families every day.
He may be rich and sick, but Simon is still running a radio show and consulting for the FX sitcom “Anger Management.” He’s also engaged to his girlfriend, Jenna, and keeping an active Twitter profile. Last December, thanks to generous donations from Simon, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society equipped a new anti-whaling boat – complete with teeth – and named it for their donor. Above all, Sam Simon wants his money to keep supporting animal rights and helping the poor.
Sam Simon's boat
When Sam Simon woke up in the hospital late 2012 after fighting to survive a perforated colon from terminal cancer, the “Simpsons” creator realized he needed to get his financial affairs in order. Working with trustees from the Rockefeller Foundation, Simon has now set up his own trust that will ensure his “Simpsons” revenue is spent the way he wants. Had he died with nothing but a will, his estate could lose millions in legal fees before a charity group saw a dime. As for the time he has left, Simon isn’t making long-term plans but he also isn’t giving up the fight for his life. Fans can keep up with Sam Simon via his Twitter feed and his radio show – but they probably shouldn’t bother asking for a handout.
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by Mandy Gardner

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