Sparks Middle School Shooting, American Wants Answers

Sparks Middle School Shooting, American Wants Answers

Now there was a school shooting in Nevada. This student had a semiautomatic weapon which from some indications he turned on himself. The tragedy happened at Sparks Middle School where a teacher Mike Landsberry lost his life. One student was shot in the shoulder and another in the stomach. America will want answers . Will they point the finger at the highly violent FX show Sons of Anarchy? Creator Kurt Sutter says the issue needs to be addressed in a discussion following the show ; the premiere of the sixth season of the show depicted a school shooting . Very true although the show in no way coerced the tragedy. Months ago it was Sandy Hook in Connecticut. This painful reminder goes to show that a solutions need to resolved to avoid more incidents.

One question comes to mind. Where did this troubled child get this weapon? It becomes so sensational when the liberal media places blame . They attempt to focus on the music to or the movies the suspect’s watches. , but if that dark impulse is already there, anything can trigger it.

Now viewers know how intense Sons of Anarchy can get . The censors put a parental guidance warning before the show begins . It can also be said that the program is not intended for children. As parents it is our responsibility to know our child’s viewing habits. It is in our own interest to ban watching programs that one finds offensive to younger audiences. In retrospect actually adolescents chose which media they are exposed. There is a view called uses and gratification approach that stresses the teen takes an active role in selecting it (Steinberg, 2011, p.232). So this means aggressive adolescents are more likely to buy violent video games or watch violent movies whether for entertainment, information or developing a sense of identity. Many experts suspect that playing video games or listening to music does not influence aggressive acts. Juvenile assault account for one-sixth of individuals under 18.

There is also the issue of warning signs. Did somebody have a warning sign that something was wrong but treated it lightly? Oftentimes threats are not taken seriously or ignored. To touch on the delicate subject of how the gun was obtained. We know the Fourth Amendment had freedom to protect oneself in mind. Did the Founding Fathers have any idea that young children could have access to them?

Don’t forget there is a teacher whom lost his life. As well, as shaping young minds teachers have the added burden of knowing how to defend themselves. There are classes that teach people how to disarm attackers.

Schools should have security measures for their students. Some schools have teachers trained in shooting and self-defense. Other concerns are a budget. Solutions included New Jersey putting police officers on staff for at least ninety days. In San Antonio the owner of a self-defense studio is offering free classes to anybody who works for a school.

There is no easy answer but it needs to be examined. The victims and their families well as the attacker need compassion and understanding . They cannot properly heal in the media spotlight. Shouldn’t educators have the option of of at least learning how to take away a weapon?

Written By: Andrea Smith

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