Texans Fans Frustrations with Schaub Hit New Low

A Houston Texan fan took things to far, going to quarterback Matt Schaub's home to tell him off after several poor performances by the veteran passer.
A Houston Texan fan took things to far, going to quarterback Matt Schaub’s home to tell him off after several poor performances by the veteran passer.

The Houston Texans season has not started exactly as many fans had hoped. A 2-3 record has them behind not only the Indianapolis Colts, but the Tennessee Titans as well in the AFC South. Frustrations are mounting for Texans fans, and those emotions have been targeted at one player, quarterback Matt Schaub.

Fan frustrations began to show in lighthearted attempts to poke fun at the record four straight games Schaub has thrown a pick six, or an interception the defense returns for a touchdown. Local bars were offering a ‘pick six’ burger that you would have to ‘pay dearly’ for.

pick six burger

Those jokes have now turned ugly.

NFL security is investigating an incident where police were called to Schaub’s home after a fan accosted him about his struggles on his own property.

CBS Houston was told on Wednesday, citing a source close to local law enforcement, that “a fan went to his house and told him off.” This incident did not occur for personal reasons in their minds, rather the Texans fan was there to¬†“berate him for his poor play.”

On top of that, another Texans fan took pictures of Schaub’s entire family, and then “left on his own accord.” There is some uncertainty as to whether or not those images have shown up on social media. ESPN reported that they were posted to Facebook, while CBS Sports stated the opposite.

No arrests have been made in the investigation yet.

Schaub’s performance on the field has not been stellar this season, but he has shown himself to be a top ten quarterback, at least in terms of fantasy value, several times throughout his career. Coach Gary Kubiak has remained by his quarterback’s side throughout his struggles, although he did bench him for TJ Yates during their week five loss.

Schaub was 19 of 35 for 173 yards and three interceptions before leaving the blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

“I think it was time for [Yates] to get some reps,” Kubiak said. “Obviously, Matt took some hits and made some mistakes. And I just told him I was going to put T.J. in the game and we’re going to go from there and talk about it after the game or throughout the course of the week and see where we’re at.”

Kubiak has Schaub penciled in as the team’s starter for week six against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

Regardless of his struggles on the field, these Texans fans need to remember that football is just a game, Schaub has a right to his privacy away from the field, despite the non-stop media attention athletes receive. To go to his home to tell him off is a line that is unacceptable to cross.

Hopefully this is an isolated incident and no further action will need to be taken. Players should never have to worry about the safety of their families because of a few bad performances on Sundays.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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