Texans Not Sure of Starting Quarterback vs. Chiefs

The Houston Texans are still unsure who will start at quarterback on Sunday against the Chiefs.

The Houston Texans are still unsure who will start at quarterback on Sunday against the Chiefs.

The Houston Texans will take on the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday needing a win to calm the wave of criticism that has flooded their season over the past quarter of the season. Houston was a popular Super Bowl pick of many experts, yet finds itself a dismal 2-4 so far this season.

Quarterback Matt Schaub has not looked good at all in 2013, throwing a pick six in a record four straight games before leaving last week’s game due against the Rams due to injury. Appallingly when he exited the contest, fans cheered. He has seen an unbelievable amount of criticism from fans for his play, going as far as traveling to his house to voice their displeasure with his performance.

In his absence against the Rams, backup TJ Yates was just as bad, throwing a pick six of his own. That can’t sit well for fans, who know their team is just an average quarterback away from making a run in the playoffs.

Coach Gary Kubiak has to feel his seat heating up with each loss, and knows he has to pick the right man to lead his team to victory. As of now, he is unsure of who will start for the Texans against the Chiefs this week.

“I said it would be an end of the week decision, and I’m going to stick with that,” Kubiak said of his quarterback controversy. “I’ve got to visit with the doctors and take a look at (Schaub’s) progress … and go from there.”

He would not even eliminate the idea of third stringer Case Keenum from starting Sunday. Keenum and Yates have split the starters reps in practice this week with Schaub sitting due to his injury.

If Schaub does not practice this week, Kubiak did not rule out the possibility of his starting anyway. “It’s strictly a decision on whether Matt can protect himself and play. It’s pretty darn sore and swollen, and we have him doing some things with doctors in the morning. He’s not at meetings … trying to evaluate his situation best we can.”

The right decision would be to start Schaub. Bailing on him because of a rough stretch would please the fans temporarily, but once they saw what they were missing by starting Yates or Keenum, they would just as quickly turn on them. Schaub has been a capable passer in his tenure in the NFL, and needs to ride out this stretch and adjust his game accordingly.

He is the most talented quarterback the Texans have, and should be allowed to continue leading this team. It isn’t as if he has never taken Houston to the playoffs before. The running game of Arian Foster is the catalyst for the Texans, if he gets going Schaub will be just fine. He doesn’t have to win the game on his own, and once focuses on protecting the ball and letting the defense and rushing attack win the game, the Texans will be just fine.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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