The Obama Doctrine Part I: The Deconstruction of America

The Obama Doctrine Part I The Deconstruction of America
The so-called government shutdown is a myth. The truth is that most of the federal government is functional. Having deliberately orchestrated the shutdown, the Obama administration made certain that the only parts of the federal machine that would cease to operate were those parts that would most inconvenience the average American. There can be only one logical explanation for this; the White House is pushing the civilian population and, in doing so, is potentially fueling a new American civil war. The Obama Doctrine involves the deconstruction of America, the impoverishment of America and the Islamization of America.

When one stands back and surveys the shifting relationship between the federal government and the nation, all the pieces begin to fall into place. The Obama administration began laying the groundwork in 2009, although the Bush administration – to mix metaphors – planted the seeds. A 2009 Department of Homeland Security report entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” essentially declared war on the American people. The report itself caused widespread controversy at the time and the DHS attempted to distance itself from it. It is worth noting that the PDF file of this report, which was once widely available on the web, is now much less easily obtained. The first ‘source’ link at the foot of this article points to a site from which the report can still be obtained.

This report, essentially, brands anyone who expresses their support for individual liberty, limited government, patriotism and the Constitution as “right-wing extremists”. The notion itself runs counter to the very foundation of this country; limited government and individual liberty were the cornerstones of the original mainstream American world-view. In truth, those who do not believe in these concepts – including the President and his loyal followers – are the extremists. The entire document lists virtually anyone who expresses patriotic sentiment, including, and especially, military veterans, as potential terrorists; it attempts to fabricate connections between the political Right and those who are simply anti-government. In that vein, it singles out Timothy McVeigh – the man responsible for the 1995 bombing of the FBI building in Oklahoma City – as a so-called right-wing extremist. In truth, McVeigh was an atheist who had nothing in common, ideologically, with the Conservative and Libertarian movements in the United States; he was no more a Conservative than he was a Communist.

The entire study was, arguably, the most insidious and chilling document ever produced by a supposedly democratic government; it should have been a wake-up call to all Americans that the Department on Homeland Security was not on their side. Americans have George W Bush to thank for creating this Statist monstrosity and Barack Obama to thank for transforming it into a Orwellian organization that distrusts patriots and, bluntly speaking, has no place in our Federal Republic. There are as many anti-government groups on the political Left as there are on the Right and, yet, the current administration has chosen to turn a blind eye to this. The harsh reality is that unrest serves a purpose; it hastens the deconstruction of America, which is a pillar of the Obama Doctrine.

During TEA Party rallies, there are no arrests, no fights and no wanton vandalism of public property; yet the TEA Party is vilified as some extremist group, hell-bent on overthrowing the government. By contrast, the Occupy Wall Street movement, lauded by the President and other prominent Democrats, left a well-documented trail of violence, rape, public defecation, vandalism and attempted terrorism in its wake. It was the most vocal and disruptive ‘anti-government’ movement that has risen to prominence during the Obama Presidency, but no-one at the federal administration level raised one word of concern about this mob; the only conclusion one can arrive at is that Occupy Wall Street was Obama’s failed attempt at a Hitlerian burning of the Reichstag. Whilst there is little ideological difference between Hitler’s National Socialists and Obama’s Progressive puppet-masters, Hitler could count on a determined band of somewhat disciplined zealots, whereas Obama had to settle for a gaggle of lazy potheads; but for that, the United States might already be a full-fledged dictatorship.

The reality is that the American Right does not seek the destruction of the federal government; it ultimately wishes to install an administration that will reduce costly and pointless regulation, lower taxes and not involve itself in the day-to-day lives of private citizens – thereby, creating the conditions out of which individual prosperity organically flourishes, as it has always done. No form of Socialism has ever provided the conditions in which people of modest means and great determination can become wealthy. In Socialist societies, the poor remain poor, or starve; the prosperous become poor and the extremely wealthy go to prison, unless they have the right connections. History has shown us that this is how it always works.

The next piece of the puzzle is the massive hoarding of ammunition by federal agencies and the equipping of police forces nationwide with equipment designed to quell civil unrest. In the ‘alternative’ media, reports had been circulating of federal agencies buying massive quantities of ammunition. The mainstream, left-wing media – which is now nothing more than a government propaganda machine – ignored and even ridiculed such reports. This news, however, soon became almost common knowledge and government spokespersons were eventually compelled to provide explanations. In recent years, federal agencies, including the DHS, the Social Security Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Internal Revenue Service and even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are reported to have purchased, collectively, billions of rounds of ammunition. Official explanations are that the rounds are for possible national disasters, such as various weather-related events, or that they are for training purposes, even though anyone familiar with firearms knows that one does not go to the range with hollow-point ammunition.

This White House, clearly bent on complete control of the American economy and the complete and unquestioning subservience of the American people, has failed to achieve its agenda through propaganda and failed to achieve it through the ballot box. Its only remaining option is to fuel – but not actually ignite – a new American civil war, in order to provide the excuse to impose a marshal law-backed dictatorship in the name of domestic security.

The sequester was another nudge aimed at the people; the government continued to spend vast amounts of money; the first family continued to take lavish and obscenely expensive overseas trips and the President continued to rack up ten times the number of rounds of golf than Bush Jr. played in his entire eight-year Presidency. Yet, at the same time, the American people were being told that school groups could no longer tour the White House as the federal government simply did not have the money to continue the program. Once again it was almost comically obvious that Obama had deliberately chosen to dig the nation in its collective ribs – as if, perhaps, to scold ordinary citizens and demonstrate that he had the power to disrupt the lives of ordinary people with a mere snap of his fingers. All the while, of course – as with the current phony government shutdown – he could loudly blame everything on the Republican Party, even though they are not the party in power.

The current shutdowns are clearly being orchestrated directly from the White House and are, without question, designed to punish ordinary Americans. Almost all closures have been completely unnecessary and the total government expenditures on sites that have been closed represent a minute fraction of how much this government spends on an annual basis. A cursory glance at the sites affected proves the point: The WWII memorial, the MLK memorial, the Iwo Jima memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Grand Canyon. The government has even barricaded George Washington’s home, which is maintained by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association and receives no federal funding. Carol Johnson, with the Park Service at the WWII memorial in Washington DC, admitted that instructions to barricade the site and prevent WWII veterans from visiting came directly from the White House.

These closures are nothing more than the spiteful and petty actions of a would-be tyrant – Barack Hussein Obama. Every American who is paying attention knows this. He is a disgrace to the People’s House, in which he currently resides and lives the high life at the taxpayers’ expense, whilst constantly insisting that nothing is ever his responsibility. Any man of integrity, after almost five years as the head of state, would shoulder the duties of office. Obama, by contrast, plays golf, takes expensive vacations – which cost more than the combined cost of keeping open every site that he has shut down – sends our money to finance terrorists in Egypt and Syria, insults ordinary Americans and, all the while, whines that everything is someone else’s fault.

A further piece – and, arguably, the most important piece – in Obama’s deconstruction of America is the frantic rush to disarm the population. A nation in possession of 100 million firearms cannot be cowed; the founding fathers understood this. They made it clear in their writings that the 2nd Amendment was as much about the American people defending themselves against tyrannical rulers as it was about raising state militias. Indeed, the massive federal government buy-up of ammunition may have the additional intention of driving up the cost, as well as limiting the supply; something that has clearly happened over recent years.

The President knows that he will never command either the respect or the unconditional loyalty of the United States armed forces, which will never turn their guns on the civilian population. Taking the military out of the equation, the government is in the position of being hopelessly outgunned by the people. Add to this the very real prospect of the US military actually intervening in defense of the nation against its despotic rulers – as happened in Egypt – and it becomes clear why the then presidential candidate Obama said “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Although this will never happen, since this administration lacks the discipline, the competence and the organizational ability to create such an entity – as proven by the abject failure of the Obamacare roll out – it should not, for one moment, be doubted that such a feat will be attempted – with the help of the President’s Muslim fundamentalist colleagues: More on that in part III of this series of editorials.

The war on Christianity being waged by the Left is another stepping stone on the road to the deconstruction of America. In flagrant violation of the First Amendment, the practice of Christianity is being deliberately repressed within the federal government, the armed forces, the education system and in everyday civilian life. So-called atheists  – and it should be noted that there is no such thing as a true atheist – have, just in recent years, decided that they are highly offended at any display of Christian symbols or any utterance of Christian prayer. These same people seem remarkably unaffected by anything connected to the Islamic faith; apparently, it is only the Christian God in whom they do not believe. In truth, any committed atheist, being a total non-believer, would not find the practice of any religion offensive, for how can one possibly be offended by something in which one does not believe? Totalitarianism always views Christianity as an obstacle. Complete and unquestioning loyalty to the state cannot be guaranteed from those who believe in a higher power.

This President is not consciously trying to bring about a civil war, for he knows that he would not emerge victorious; the American Right has most of the guns and most of the military training; the American Left has Starbucks and rhetoric and their petulant intolerance for anyone who dares disagree with them. It would simply not be a fair fight. Additionally, the President is not completely in control – even though, as President, he still personally bears the responsibility for declining economic and social conditions, just as, for eight years, President Bush did, as the Left insisted. Obama is actually nothing more than the packaged product of the Progressive movement; the Spokesman-in-Chief, conveniently dark-skinned enough to fool most of the black community into thinking he is one of them. As the label ‘Progressive’ suggests, the overall agenda is a subtle and gradually push towards servitude. The United States must first be destabilized, then broken and, finally, transformed into the Progressive ‘utopia’, in which the ruling elite will take everything and the remainder of the population will exist in a permanent state of misery, poverty and fear.

An editorial by Graham J Noble

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4 Responses to "The Obama Doctrine Part I: The Deconstruction of America"

  1. Tabitha   December 11, 2013 at 10:25 pm

    We should never give up or stop respecting, loving or honoring our country because bad things are happening against what our forefathers invisioned! They gave us the tools to stand up and fight for what was right and not allow it to be taken away from us! I am a Christian and love my country and will never give up on it or stop fighting. That’s what is so wrong with a lot of the people in this country is they have given up as if the fight is over! Not even close baby!

  2. George   October 12, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    i agree. Hopefully, one can arise that values science over myth, understands what socialism is and isn’t, and stays out of my bedroom.

  3. pete   October 6, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    In my opinion the America I love, respect, honor, and are a proud Christian citizen of….is now dead. A new Phoenix needs to be reborn of this once proud and respectful country’s ashes. As of now this country is not what our founding fathers invisioned

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