The X Factor Four-Chair Challenge Round #4 October 10 (Reviews & Videos)


On The X Factor, the Four-Chair Challenge will come to an end. It’s left up to Simon to finish up his team. He has six more acts to choose from– who will he keep on his team, and who will he end up sending home?

Mario Lopez says that by the end of the night, the final 16 teams will be set. Sweet Suspense is the first group up, ready to take a seat away from one of the four. This group is, like the country one Restless Road we heard on the last episode, cobbled together from solo performers. Will they end up taking a chair, as did the members of Restless Road?

They sing Wishing on a Star, and are excellent — they have even Simon clapping along as they sing! Paulina was singing along with them. The audience applauded enthusiastically when they were done.

Kelly: “I get so excited listening to you because there’s something special here.”

Paulina: “You guys moved like superstars.”

DemI: “I’m so proud of you. You are so amazing.”

Simon: “The amount of time you had to work together –chemistry, fun, friendship helped make your performance great.”

Mario asks Simon to make a decision, and he tells them to “Take a seat.” So, who will Simon send home?

Simon chooses to send Wild Thingz home. The audience boos — at least some of them do.

Next up after break are a talent duo of young female singers called Yellow House Canyon. They sing Hell on Heels. Simon applauds them after they are done.

Demi: “I’m a fellow Texas girl. But, to be completely honest, Tatum, I think you have the better voice. I don’t think that you (all) have what it takes to sit in those four chairs.”

Simon doesn’t like this performance better than their audition. They try to convince him to let them stay, but he finally says: “You’re going home.”

Then, there are more commercials.

Coming back, we hear the teen boy group trio Forever in Your Mind, singing Lovebug. They do a pretty good job harmonizing; the females in the audience are screaming in appreciation.

Kelly: “While I do think you’re cute, there’s too much cuteness outweighing everything else.”

Demi: “I think you guys need a lot more work.”

Simon: “I agree with Demi that it wans’t perhaps such a good idea.”

Kelly: “Can I say something? I think that they’re missing a lead singer.”

They try to convince Simon to keep them. Mario asks Simon for his decision. Surprisingly, to me, Simon tells them he wants to give them a chance, and he tells them to take a seat!

The group that he sends home is Glamour!

Mario announces that the Live head-to-head episodes will begin October 29.

The next group up is Good News. The audience likes them right from the beginning, cheering them on as they sing Landslide. It’s such a beautiful song.

Kelly: Girls, you know, I really, really wanted you guys to prove me wrong. But, I think that you guys could have showed me so much more.”

Simon: “Girls, this was boring; it just didn’t work.” He sends them home!

Next up, Alex & Sierra sing “You’re the One that I Want,” from Grease. They do a slower-paced version, which the audience is loving; but, who knows if the judges will like it?

Kelly: “I genuinely adore you two, I think you guys are so sexy.”

Paulina: “I love the way that you sing.”

Demi: “I think that you guys are one of my favorites or the entire competition.”

Simon: “That was a stupid, silly question.These two — I can’t see them getting split up. I really, really like you. People are going to fall in love with you soon.”

Simon sends home Girls United! There is one act left after the next commercial break is over.

That act is Roxxy Montana, and they came prepared tonight to stay with their version of Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. They do an awesome job of singing it, and making it their own — the audience and judges are clearly loving their performance, and the audience is screaming and clapping as they finish singing.

Kelly said: “Well, Roxxy Montana — I see you guys did not come here to play games.”

Simon told them: “Girls, I was really impressed. Let me tell you, we could make you incredible.”

The group that Simon sent home to give Roxxy Montana a chair were Forever in Your Mind.

The judges are each down to his/her final four picks, for better or worse. Did they chose the acts which will make it all the way to the end? Do you think that the four judges made great choices, or were your favorites knocked out of the competition and sent home? Please watch with me next week, and leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb