The X Factor The Four-Chair Challenge #2 October 3 (Review)


On The X Factor tonight, the Four-Chair Challenge continues! Demi has to decide which four members of her 10-person team she will carry on with her to the next stage of the competition. She has to face the same sorts of difficult decisions as Kelly Rowland did last night.

Simone Torres performs first. She chose to sing  A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke. She asks the audience to “Put your hands together!” so they clap along as she sings. Then, she brings the song home, showcasing her range.

Simon hated the song, and the arrangement of it, and said “it sounded Karaoke.”

Demi had to decide if she would keep Simone or not.

Demi: “Simone — take a seat.”

Mario told her that now one of the other girls must be switched out and sent home. Demi sends Bree Randall packing!

Danielle (Danie) Geimer, 15, is the second of Demi’s group, The Girls, to perform. She sang Georgia On My Mind. What a sweet, melodic voice! I really liked how she sang this classic and made it her own.

Kelly: “Danielle, you just sang your face off, momma! She needs a seat; someone needs to get up!”

Simon: “You’re very humble, you’re very shy, and I hope you never change.”

Demi: “You’re right — when they trip on you, they’re already tripping on a star!”

Demi: “Danielle, you’re in my Final Four.”

Mario reminds her that she now has to make another switch, though, and send someone home. What a tough decision to have to make!

Demi sends SImone Torres home, after just having sent Bree home in order to make room for her! Talk about first building someone up, then crushing her the next moment!

Rylie Brown, 16, goes next. She was in lots of beauty pageants while growing up, and especially liked the Talent parts of them.

She selected the song Angels by Robbie Williams to sing. The audience clapped along as she sang. Her voice took off, and soared! The audience applauded very enthusiastically.

Kelly: “I’m just not sure that song is right for you!”

Simon: “It sounded like everything you did was chosen by someone else, like your mother.”

Demi: “The trouble was it sounded very pageantry. I don’t know if vocally you’re ready for this competition.”

The audience booed Demi’s remarks, and those of the other judges. Demi decided not to keep Rylie — she was sent home.

After the commercial break, the next girl to sing from Demi’s team was Primrose Martin, 20, from Las Vegas. Her dad was a member of Kool and the Gang.

The song Primrose chose was Blame It On the Boogie by Michael Jackson. I didn’t especially think it was the best song selection for her tonight, but she did a nice little dance with it, and got the audience to clap as she sang.

Kelly: “I have to be honest with you. I think this is completely different from your first audition.”

Simon: “That was beyond awful. It was seriously, seriously dreadful.” Primrose tried to keep on singing to convince the judges to keep her; but she just wouldn’t listen. She begged Demi to keep her.

Mario: “Demi, what’s your decision?”

Demi said she was sorry, but sent Primrose home. The final two girls of the night will perform next, but first — of course — there’s another commercial break!

Mario: “Only the four girls sitting there at the end of the show will move on to the live show!”

13-year-old  Rion Paige will sing next. Her hands are curved differently, so she says that she must do things differently from other people. Though she faces challenges, she says that “There’s a fire burning inside of me that you just can’t take away. That’s just who I am.”

She sings I Won’t Let You Go by Rascal Flatts. She has a voice of a grown woman, and angel, IMHO. She sings so beautifully! She had people crying as she aang, and hollering from the audience.

Kelly: “I love your voice, how happy and excited you sopund when you’re singing.”

Simon: “I really, really like your voice, and I think we’re just scratching the surface here, okay?”

Mario: “Is  in, or is she out? Demi, what’s your decision?”

Demi: “You’re an incredibly special girl.” She keeps her; but, who will get switched out?

Demi chooses to send Ashly home; Ashly, understandably, is in tears at the news.

With one more performer to go, will Demi be faced with sending yet another of her team members who she gave a chair to home?

Mario: “We’re down to the last performer of the night! She’s all that stands between sending one of these four girls home.”

Ellona  Santiago is the last performer to sing. She relates about living in a garage with her parents for six years when she first arrived in America. She hopes to pay her parents back, and give them “their American Dream.”

She sings Clarity by Zedd. She has a really pretty voice, and is hitting all of the notes and staying on pitch. The four girls who have chairs are looking worried, with good reason.

Kelly: “Little momma, you are a beast! I mean that in the best way possible.”

Paulina: “You are amazing!”

Simon: “I can’t imagine you not being in this competition.”

Demi: “You have such an incredible voice. You really are quite special.” But, she says she can’t see herself letting go any of the other singers.

Simon: “I disagree.” He tells Demi that she should sned one of the others home! Will Demi change her mind?

Demi asks the other judges “What should I do?”

Mario: “Is she in or is she out? What is your decision?”

Demi: “You’re in my Final Four!”

Mario tells her “Congratulations!” but adds that she must now send one of the other girls home. Who will it be?

Demi decides to send Jamie Pineda home! She says she’s “really sorry,” but she sends her home anyway, to make room for Ellona Santiago.

Though tonight’s episode lasted just an hour, it was full of dramatic moments, some great singing, and some not-so-great singing.

Next week, on Wednesday, The Boys group will be up, and Paulina Rubio will get to see what difficult choices Kelly and Demi have had to face so far. It should be another awesome episode!

What do you think of the Four-Chair Challenge episodes so far? Do you think the right team members have been kept? Would you have done anything differently? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Shawn Leimbach   October 5, 2013 at 2:37 am

    I like your article. I hate the Four Chair Challenges. Too stressful, not enough joy. Awful choice XFactor made bringing this in.

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