Titanfall Impresses in Expos [Video]

Giving Battlefield and COD a Run for Their Money

Titanfall game for Xbox Exclusive

Titanfall may give Call of Duty (COD) and Battlefield a run for their money as it impresses gamers in gaming expos.

Respawn’s first-person shooter, an exclusive to Xbox 360, One, and PC, boasts an expansive universe while experiencing a fast-paced, cinematic perspective. In multiplayer mode, Titanfall is smooth and seamless with ridiculous control.

Gameplay is online multiplayer, set in a mech-war planet with elements of Battlefield-like landscapes. Objectives are team-based which makes for interesting perspectives with the choice of fighting on foot as a pilot or inside a mech-warrior machine called a “Titan.” All Titans are different with varying simulations and skills. The free-flowing effect feels natural in that much of the movement allows characters to feel more intuitive – not mechanical, which is the case in some aspects of first-person shooters.

Different Titans

Parkour is one of many characteristics that add to the gameplay, which has proven to be popular among games that showcase hand-to-hand combat in multiplayer mode. Adding jetpacks to the mix allows much of the seamless parkour action in the ability to double-jump and run off and on walls with complex, progressive movement by six playable pilots. Expos that showcase Titanfall have impressed reviewers with such features.

The sprawling maps were developed with other competitive game maps in mind. Confirmed maps Lagoon, Angel City, and Fracture hit all the points in gameplay bringing a dramatic structure of advanced topography that provides a landscape with stellar, boundless capabilities.

Fracture Map

As Titanfall is story-driven, action is extensive throughout gameplay, which goes above and beyond expectations of an FPS of such a scale. The objectives, whether using a Titan or piloting on foot, keeps a gamer enraptured in a war-torn milieu, while seeking escape routes in the midst of an all-out battle. The gameplay does have a familiar feel of COD and is truly free-flowing in that a pilot has the ability to jump on top of a Titan to hi-jack it for use without the annoying QTE routine which can make gameplay feel restricted.

EA is publishing Titanfall; however, the game is using the source engine created by Valve. This means gamers will most likely come across a conflict of sorts as Steam and Origin users may or may not have capabilities to play together. Both Steam and Origin will need to come to an agreement, but since EA is the publisher of Titanfall, EA would most likely have a bigger say on the issue – exclusivity is becoming so annoying. Perhaps a user’s choice will depend entirely on the continually changing DLC policies.

Is Titanfall the game to beat? In the development stages, the game has received much attention as it joins the ranks of COD and Battlefield. Many have expressed excitement for the release as early video releases are proving the game’s unique features and abilities that are appreciated by Battlefield and COD players alike. As game expos show FPS games famed specifically because of exceptional maps and seamless movement, Titanfall is certainly the game that meets such a criteria which continues to impress gamers worldwide.

Titanfall releases in spring of 2014.


Written by: Dianna Coudriet

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