Why the Republican Party Can’t Win

Government shutdown

The Republican Party can’t win the budget debate no matter the outcome. Even if they win, they lose. No matter what side of the blame game fence you are on, whether you think it is the Republican’s fault, the Democrat’s fault, the President’s fault or a combination of all three, is irrelevant, the fact is the government is shut down and the game of “chicken” will need to end.

The Republican Party has shown it has changed and will never be the same. They have shown they no longer will bend to the will of the “Old Guard” of the party, whether it is Speaker of the House John Boehner (R – OH) or Senator John McCain (R – AZ). There is a new breed of republican in the party, younger and more passionate about their political ideology. They believe in true conservatism, fiscal responsibility, strict constitutionality, less government and free enterprise. Yes, these are the original principles the tea party believed in before they split into several groups with their own agendas and became exactly what the left predicted they would.

This causes a problem for the party since the established faction of the party seems to be unwilling to change, in fact as proven in the 2012 elections, they want to become more like the Democrats in their ideology, “moving toward the center” as they call it. After the election, and even in the more recent special Senate election in Massachusetts, there were calls that the party needs to be more like the Democrats in order to win. If the Republican Party has been trying this and they still haven’t won then it should be obvious this is not working, instead they need to return true conservatism. The strategy of people like Karl Rove has been to advocate for a more “squishy” Republican Party and have fallen away for the party of Ronald Reagan.

If the Republican Party yields to the President and the Democrats passing the budget with nothing added, they will have lost the respect of the true conservatives in the country, which could lead to a third party. There have been indications that this could happen regardless of the budget results. The old Republican Party has shown it can’t win, and many republicans are fleeing the party. Whether you believe that the tea party is already this third party or just an arm of the republicans is irrelevant, either way the party will be split beyond repair.

Would a third party be any more successful than the Republicans? It’s hard to say, if it is approached correctly it could but it won’t be easy and won’t happen overnight. As the old saying goes, “All politics is local” and this is where the change would need to begin. In some areas this is already happening and we see more conservative republicans making inroads. As the ideals of the people at the bottom change, these ideals will work their way up. The establishment needs to be replace but they have gained so much money and power, whether Republican or Democrat, this will take time.

The longer the impasse goes on, the more the Republican Party will be blamed as this is how the narrative has been framed from the start of the “crisis” and it will continue. As long as the mainstream media refuses to report independently and without bias the American people will never get the truth, only the truth as defined by the left (CNN, MSNBC) or the right (Fox News).

This crisis goes deeper than just whether Obamacare becomes law or not, it goes to the fundamental principles this country was founded on. Unless the Republican Party goes back to these principles, they can’t win.

Commentary by Paul Roy


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