Xbox 360 Finally Beaten by PS3 Thanks to GTA V

PS3 and GTA V

It is true that GTA V is available on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 however. the recent PS3 GTA V bundle has boosted sales for Sony and finally knocked the Xbox 360 from the top spot in the U.S. Market.

For the last 32 months the Xbox 360 has leading in terms of sales. Microsoft has lost credibility with fans with the upcoming Xbox One due to confusing and unwanted features and rules. For Microsoft, losing this top spot could not have come at a worse time. Since the majority of Microsoft’s focus is on the Xbox One they’ve left the Xbox 360 to continue its reign of the top spot, until now.

PS3was the top selling console this month, breaking the 32-month streak of the Xbox 360 leading console hardware sales from January 2011 to August 2013,” said analyist Liam Callahan of market research firm, NPD Group. GTA V played a big role here.

“The PS3’s success this month was largely driven by sales of the ‘PS3 SYSTEM SUPER SLIM 500GB GRAND THEFT AUTO V BUNDLE’ demonstrating how Grand Theft Auto V can shake things up on in hardware as well as software.”

It is true that Microsoft also has a GTA V bundle but the Xbox 360 but the difference in price between that and the PS3 bundle is nothing to shake your head at. The Xbox 360 GTA V bundle costs $419.97 and the PS3 super slim GTA V bundle costs $269.99.People who are buying a console so late in the game are most likely buying it just to play GTA V, which is also probably the case considering the game comes with the bundle. If the majority of bundle sales are raised by these kinds of people, than what they are looking for is whichever bundle is cheaper.

Hardware wise, Sony has managed to make their console for less money and get it out to the public for cheaper, just like they have done in the past. Microsoft has also been on the same track but isn’t able to match up to Sony’s low prices. Grand Theft Auto 5 has been destroying records and expectations everywhere you look, to offer something real to the gaming world at a reasonably low price is no doubt going to shake sales.

As far as next-gen consoles go, the Xbox One is set to launch on November 22nd. The PlayStation 4 will be getting the advantage because the PlayStation 4 launches a week earlier, on November 15th. A week may not seem like a long time for something like a video game release date, but for the release of the next generation of consoles seven days is can give a huge advantage. Plus, if the PS4 gets ahead of the Xbox One in sales that will make them current champs in next-gen consoles and last gen consoles. Many think the PS4 will outdo the Xbox One but we can’t know for sure until they both release. Once again those dates are November 22nd for the Xbox and November 15th for the PS4.

By: Garrett Jutte


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