Yahoo Wants to Be like Gmail

Yahoo like Gmail
Yahoo is designing its email service to look more like Gmail. This is the second time in less than 12 months that the company has altered its online look. Yahoo wants to be like Gmail, it seems.

All the features which look so much like Google’s email most likely are not accidental. The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, actually was one of many individuals who aided in the building of Gmail when she worked at Google as one of their top executives. Gmail has been around almost ten years, and in that time, it has become the most widespread email service all around the world.

Tuesday brought Yahoo showing the new designed interface and it had built-in a tool which was similar to Gmail that threaded all emails which were associated with a certain topic together so they would act as a series of messages. This concept was put into use by Gmail way back in 2004 and became a very popular way to look at email. It has been a broadly used email feature since that time and has made the idea itself common even though before that time this was unheard of in any email service.

Yahoo users also now can spruce up their inboxes with all kinds of pictures and artwork. The company uses Flickr for sharing photographs and email fans of Yahoo can chose whatever kind of photograph they like. This is something Gmail users have been able to do for a while. Google offers them different themes from which to pick so they can pretty up their own inboxes. After a picture is chosen, this same one will spontaneously appear on any mobile email applications which Yahoo may be adjusting as part of the restructuring plan. These new apps are for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and any tablets which are using Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Also too, Yahoo is saying that every email account will get a maximum of 1,000 gigabytes of storage. They believe that should be enough to allow the average email user to have about 6,000 years’ worth of room for email. The company had said before that email users would never have to worry about ever running out of any storage space, but it had never given any certain maximum.

Gmail hugely extended the size of all its email boxes in 2004 when the service started up and had a limit of one gigabyte per each address. At that time, Yahoo was the email leader and it only allowed storage on any free email accounts to fewer than 25 megabytes.

Yahoo’s allowance now makes Gmail seem small, which contains a limit of 15 gigabytes on each email account that also entails material stored on Google’s various other services as well.

Even so, Yahoo’s sales continue to be sluggish even as Facebook and Google are going through growth spurts. Mayer is quick to say that the number of people coming to the service on a monthly basis has went up to over 800 million people since she came on the Yahoo scene. That would be a rise of 20 percent.

Yahoo last changed how its email interface looked in Dec. 2012. It is believed to have just under 290 million users each month, and this would be following only Gmail, which is at around 304 million. Yahoo wants to more like Gmail all the time and it sounds like it may be doing just that.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


CBS News


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