Amazon Puts the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Closer to You

Kindle Fire Closer to You
Kindle Fire Closer to You


The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is available today and where do you think you might buy this new device? This high end tablet for a mid-level price has amazing visual clarity and color, just what you want in your hand held tablet. Amazon is seeking more stores as in the physical store, right in your community, to sell this newest product. How about the local bookstore tucked away in the plaza off the main road? That’s where you might find Amazon’s newest tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

They want to sell more e-readers and tablets. Who doesn’t? Discounts and incentives, only Amazon can do, will be a driving force to sell more Kindles.

Amazon Source was revealed November 6th as the program for the internet retail giant. Discounts of 6% off the list price and more than 30% off accessories will be offered to book stores. The big news is the book store selling these will get 10%, from every e-book that the customer purchases over a two year period. That’s a niece piece of the pie. All this sounds good, and it’s backed up by a money back guarantee for the independent bookstore. Amazon will take back all purchases for up to 6 months, so they have nothing to lose.

More money for the corner bookstore and e-book sellers, not to mention the authors of such books, who stand to gain from such purchases. The vice president of Amazon and its Kindle believes the program will help stores to offer print and digital.

Amazon needs more stores to sell their devices to keep the competition going with Apple, especially in the tablet area and maybe the smart phone area, too. After all, Walmart and Target, America’s largest retailers sold Kindle devices up until last year.

Readers like their Kindles and they have to purchase them somewhere. Since Walmart and Target no longer sell them, why not buy them at your local store? People like to support their local retailers in keeping with the shop local strategy themes of late; so now you can purchase your Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 at the local store. Retail business exist to sell products to consumers and to sell what they want. They want their books, print and digital, and so Amazon wants to offer both, locally. Does this defeat the purpose of the little corner store, the indie bookstore owned locally and independent of the large store?

If the Kindles are sold locally and not exclusively from the internet, then this makes good business sense for your local city government. Taxes can be collected, whereas in the past Amazon has not paid and fought this over its online sales.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has a slimmed body and at $379 you get 16GB worth of storage. It’s lighter by .7 ounces than the previous 7″ version. A slope on the rear gives hand comfort and a power button you can’t miss, along with volume control just where your hand likely holds it. Additionally, speaker placement is such that your hand won’t muffle the sound and an 8 mega-pixel camera with flash that you can use for around 12 hours, the battery life.

What’s key is the content and Amazon is loaded with content. Amazon Prime, which is $80 a year, offers free movies and TV shows. Customers are primed to enjoy the Amazon experience which also includes games and a library of e-books, all delivered in two days, no shipping charges. The new Kindle Fire 8.9 HDX hits the retail market today and with an ergonomic design, decreased weight and color accuracy, customers can buy it locally. See review here.


Amazon Kindle Local Store
Amazon Kindle Local Store


Just in case you are not tech savvy, there is help and it’s immediate right before your eyes. Amazon has digital help closer to you and this will be tested come Christmas Day 2013. Someone, a head will talk to you, but won’t see you in your pajamas and  messy hair, while you ask them how to operate your new device from Amazon. The device known as the  Kindle Fire HDX 8.9,  which you or someone, bought for you locally.

Written by Kim Troike

USA today