Apple Inc.’s New Patents and Partners

Apple Inc. LogoApple Inc.’s stock has continued to climb to $550 per share and they are now setting records as one of the biggest players of all time, in the tech business. Experts are suggesting that Apple stock will climb even higher since rumors and news of Apple’s latest patent applications and partners have begun to surface.

It was revealed today by the US Patent & Trademark Office, that Apple Inc. has applied for 2 patents related to the payment systems and methods around securing transactions for Apple’s iWallet. It is said that these patents will reliant on optical codes and code reading technology. It is suspected that the iWallet will have a QR code component built into their latest payment technology.

Apple Inc. has garnered many patents for their iWallet strategy, in which Apple is hoping to capitalize on financial transactions via electronic payments. Apple is looking to improve the benefits of utilizing their mobile devices, for payments between 2 or more parties and at the same time protect the privacy of the individuals involved in the transactions.

Some experts are saying that iWallet may allow users to split a bill between multiple persons, while maintaining the ability to sync a user’s account to the merchant’s.

Other new Apple Inc. patents are related to the Touch ID finger scanners and the possible future use of this technology in their latest iPhone 5S. The patent hopes to improve the extension of range of the finger scanning sensors through thicker dielectric mediums and molded plastics.

In addition to Apple Inc.’s new patents, some rumors are circulating around some new partners and possible future partnerships for the company. These rumors are specifically around Corning Inc. and China Mobile joining in partnerships with Apple for future endevours.

China Mobile LogoA deal between China Mobile may catapult Apple Inc. towards even better growth than they’ve experienced in the past. This deal has been rumored to have been in the works for many years, but an official announcement may be expected to hit anytime in the next few months.

Some reports say that the deal with China Mobile has had some issues in past that kept the partnerships from forming earlier. China Mobile reportedly asked Apple Inc. for a revenue-sharing deal that would involve sharing revenue generated from app-store sales. Apple has yet to make any such agreement with any of their current partners.

Also holding back the agreement with China Mobile is the difference in network standards within China. Apple Inc. has been granted a license by the Chinese government, but the launch of the 4G network in China has not been fully completed. An update on the status of the network is expected sometimes in the next month or so.

Apple Inc. partner Corning Inc.'s Gorilla GlassAnother partner of Apple’s, Corning Inc., has kept their agreement quite secretive in the past. Corning’s CFO, James B. Flaws, recently announced that Apple and Corning are continuing to work together on tougher versions of Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass was originally designed for use in Apple’s first iPhone, but since then which Apple products continue to use the Corning product has been a mystery.

One contradictory rumor circulating is that Apple intends to no longer use the Gorilla Glass in their latest iPhone. Apple recently invested in an industrial factory that works with sapphires, which make some speculate that Gorilla Glass may be replaced by a sapphire-based cover for their future screens.

Another rumor says that Gorilla Glass may be included in some of Apple’s future of emerging products. Some of those future products may include an Apple smart-TV and an Apple smart-watch.

With Apple Inc. stock still on the rise, the company is surely headed for new record stock prices. What will add to their success is the filing of new and innovative patents and the continuations of their agreements with existing and new partners.

By Brent Matsalla

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