Brittany Murphy and Her Husband Were Possibly Poisoned

Brittany Murphy and her husband poisoned?

In 2009, Brittany Murphy passed away, and the LAPD during that time ruled it was due to pneumonia and anemia as natural causes.  But following five months her husband, Simon, died of the same thing.  The actress’s mom thought her daughter may have died from mold the couple had in their home.

Lab results seem to tell a different story though!  It was found in hair samples from Brittany Murphy, that 10 heavy metals were detected at extremely high levels, that were of course extremely lethal to the human body.  The couple could have easily digested rat poison considering how high these test levels were!  The symptoms the couple had were disorientation, dizziness, headaches, abdominal cramps, coughing, pneumonia, wheezing, sweating and congestion.  Many types of poisons could cause these basic symptoms, but are considered early warning signs of something severe is wrong obviously.  Such high levels of these metals are generally found in commonly used products, such as rat poison and in various insecticides.  So is there more testing to be completed?  You would think so!

Brittany Murphy was so young at 32 and then her husband Simon at only 40 when they died.  So why was her life cut short so quick?  Hopefully there is an ongoing investigation into the possible murder of Brittany and her Husband.  To be cut down so quickly in their prime is devastating!

We can thank Brittany’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, for never believing what the LAPD coroner was saying.  He knew that his daughter and her husband were suffering from unusual symptoms, so he demanded that hair, tissue and blood samples be taken.  Thank goodness for Angelo’s instincts of possible foul play here! Brittany’s father quoted that there will be justice for his daughter.

Due to the high levels found in the samples, it does place this case into a probable murder situation.  These levels obviously seem to place a third-party criminal that had a very high intent in causing serious harm to death to Brittany and her husband Simon.  The high level of metals found in testing was much higher than the who (World Health Organization)  levels that were even considered safe!  And of course the tabloids at times are not very nice when spreading rumors, such as Brittany Murphy having a drug problem!  Her father corrected the ‘Examiner’ that his daughter was not anorexic or a drug junky in any way.  All these rumors did was smear her name around and leave scars.  Sadly, the Hollywood reporter just kept mocking Brittney and Simon no matter what was said to correct them.

So why didn’t the LA coroner test for these things in the first place?  It’s hard to say, but they obviously missed the fact that they were suffering from some serious symptoms that kept getting worse!  Whomever did the testing back in 2009 should be questioned as to why they thought it wasn’t important enough to test for any possible accidental or purposeful poisoning with such symptoms.  Sure the symptoms could fit into a variety of categories, but when an autopsy is done ‘everything’ must be ruled out!

Tina Elliott





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