Bullying Charges of Florida Girls Dropped

bullyingThe bullying charges against two young Florida girls have now been dropped. The girls, who are now 13 and 14 years old, were accused of the aggravated stalking of the 12-year-old schoolgirl, Rebecca Sedwick back in October. During that time, thorough investigation has found that there is no evidence to support the claims and the girls must go free.

The news comes after 15-year-old Jacob Cramer, who suffers from disabilities, was beaten by bullies at his school. There is a growing concern about the treatment of children by other students in schools around the country. It doesn’t stop there either. There is now a concern over what is known as cyberbullying; bullying through technology.

12-year-old Sedwick was reportedly bullied through her online social media accounts. She committed suicide in September because it got too much for her and wouldn’t stop. Technology allows students to hide behind computers and attack people emotionally and mentally without others hearing or seeing it. However, investigation into the Facebook chats has come up unfruitful with nothing to hold the girls on.

Katelyn Roman, the 13-year-old accused of being a bully has maintained her innocence the whole time; going as far as saying she was a friend of the victim. Roman spoke publically about the charges against her. There was widespread criticism, though, when both girls were named with their faces shown at a press conference last month.

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, the arresting officer, reportedly does not regret the decision. There was a confession from one of the girls about bullying but not enough meaning the charges against the Florida girls was dropped.

Jose Baez, attorney for the Roman and previous attorney of Casey Anthony, the mother accused of murdering her two-year-old child, has stated that he is disgusted by the sheriff’s actions. His client is still considering whether a lawsuit should be brought against the police department for their actions.

It is an unfortunate incident that Sedwick felt the need to take her own life. 15-year-old Cramer is reportedly too scared to leave his home and now barely speaks. While parents can do very little about the children of others, they can protect their own children as much as possible. It is worth talking to children about their social media accounts.

Facebook’s policy is that no under-13s should have an account, although plenty of them do. This isn’t a draconian rule for the sake of it; it protects the children from all types of situations. Bullying is not the only problem with technology. Parents should be aware of the people their children talk to, especially those who are not friends from their social circles whether at school or extra curricular activities.

At school it is different. This is where the school needs to protect children. Cramer does have an aide while at the school but the aide had to leave early on the day that he was attacked.

For now the charges of bullying against the two Florida girls have been dropped. However, the problems aren’t over for the families and people involved. Judd has confirmed, though, that the girls will be getting the help that they need to deal with their bullying natures.

By Alexandria Ingham

Daily News

Huffington Post

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