Endometrial Cancer: Women Drinking Sugary Drinks at Risk

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 From the journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, researchers recently discovered a new study that shows women are more at risk for endometrial cancer if they overindulge in sugary drinks.  It seems the more a woman consumes sugary drinks, it greatly increases their risks of developing the cancer in their uterine, endometrial wall.  This form of cancer is usually related to women that are overweight or obese, but new findings show another contributing factor;  women who consume sugary drinks consistently can become a victim of this cancer.

It seems that high sugar consumption is linked to estrogen-dependent, endometrial cancer type 1, but for some unknown reason the type 2 version of this cancer is not affected.  About 23,000 women were asked from researchers at the University of Minnesota about their sugary drink consumption, as well as any sugary foods.  The researchers were curious if there was also a potential link to the cancer from sugary food; like cookies, cakes and other enriched foods.  The study revealed that women who drank more than four servings of sugary sodas a week raised their risk for type 1 endometrial cancer, by 78 percent.  Women who were older, overweight and/or suffered from diabetes, late menopause or selected estrogen therapy had a greater chance of developing the cancer. The one factor that came from this study revealed that being overweight was not as detrimental to the link as previously studied.

The findings were very curious, because the risk level did not change when it came down to consuming sugary foods and diet drinks.  Scientists believe it has to do with nutrients and fiber within the food, that helps the food metabolize more effectively.  Diet drinks are not the answer to  a sweet tooth. On an episode hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz earlier this week, the show displayed the severe affect diet drinks can have on the metabolism, including linking to weight gain. Additionally, sugar substitutes are known to cause a person to become even hungrier as a result.

About 50,000 women a year are affected by endometrial cancer type 1 but there is hope for successful recovery, if caught early.

Previous studies have shown that obese women do produce more estrogen and insulin than average sized women because of the larger mass of adipose tissue (fat tissue) present. This can have a higher risk with endometrial cancer due to a larger consumption of sugary drinks that ultimately is linked to higher obesity levels.  Too much sugar intake from such beverages, boosts the caloric intake beyond the daily average suggestion.  This high caloric intake increases risks to other diseases; such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease later in life.

This is a huge reason to cut back on excessive sugary drink intake, including diet drinks, in order to prevent a plethora of disorders and disease that are also caused by the consumption.  About 80 percent of the women that are at higher risk to acquiring type 1 endometrial cancer are post-menopausal women who consumed a daily intake of sugary liquids.  It really didn’t matter if the beverages were carbonated or non-carbonated and the drinks could be soda to fruit punch mixes.

By Tina Elliott



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