Facebook: Teens No Longer Interested?

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Rich is 13-years-old, he enjoys hanging out with friends, being part of the wrestling team and texting – the one thing that doesn’t interest him? Facebook. Rich is just a long list of teens who are starting to fall out of love with Facebook. The biggest factor? “Drama,” says the out-going teen as he gathers his thoughts on the subject, “it’s becoming a place to post half-naked pictures, talk smack behind a screen and be nasty to one another.” The question turned to what his friends thought of Facebook, revealing a surprise, “I have one of my friends on there. The rest refuse to, they said it always leads to problems.”

The largest social media platform released their 2012 annual report in February of this year. The reports alludes Facebook is seeing a trend of disinterest as “younger users” are engaging instead with other social media avenues. One mention was the Facebook owned Instagram, but perhaps a deeper look at these numbers and conversation with the younger generation can reveal more. A study completed by the financial firm Piper Jaffray, shared by the NY Daily News, revealed teens are tweeting more as many neglect their Facebook accounts. The social media trend is changing and many are left to wonder to why?

Facebook Teen Chatter

Rich is one of the many teens talked to regarding this matter. He stated he doesn’t find a lot of interest on social media platforms in general. “I like to text, so I do that a lot, otherwise I see my friends at school or in the neighborhood when we hang out. I guess it just seems kind of silly to go from school, to texting and onto Facebook to talk about what? The same stuff we just talked about? The games are annoying, they want to access everyone’s information. I have a few girls as friends and they always mention the pervs who send them messages.”

Cotter is 16-years-old and shows similar disdain as Rich to the social media giant. “It’s cool if you like spam lol Yep that’s about all I encounter. Unless some girl is writing a seven paragraph post about some guy who broke her heart. Yeah, lots of that, don’t care for it. I play my video games and text. Twitter is alright, I use┬áthat from my phone a lot more than Facebook. I don’t know lol I see it as a place my mom meets her friends. That’s corny.” Cotter touches on an interesting factor of review – is Facebook losing it’s cool factor in place of business promotions, professional networking and collaborating adults and parents? JoAnna seems to think so.

FB remains a powerhouse, but interest is waning from teens and other platforms are gaining
FB remains a powerhouse, but interest is waning from teens and other platforms are gaining

JoAnna is 13-years-old and closed her account after six months on Facebook due to the factor of bullying and lack of oversight, “Some girl I barely knew was bothering me. Messaging me a lot. So, anyway I report her and before you know it she has all her friends on my wall messing with me. It became dumb and I was tired of feeling so pinned down. My dad told me to try to ignore it for three weeks and go back. I did and when I did get back it just seemed lame. Some people are idiots and feel like bullying is cool but after I never responded they went away. My dad has a fishing group on there and that’s like really I will go to Tumblr instead.”

Quiana is 15-years-old and shared a various viewpoint when it came to Facebook, “It was cool for awhile. I met some really nice people that went to my school but we just never really connected. So, we connected and started hanging out and stuff. After that Facebook became pointless and there is a lot of creeps, no joke. Some dudes were messaging me saying they went to my school but no one ever heard of them. Some girls are just nasty, for real and they pose like straight up street walkers. It just stopped being fun, it’s like it’s not intended for teens. If they figured it out, I would use it more.” Could Quiana have a point that Facebook is losing interest from teens, because their interactivity tools are seemingly aimed towards adults and businesses?

Facebook Wrap-Up

Instagram and Twitter have enjoyed the response from teens, watching as their numbers slowly climb for acceptance by younger audiences. Facebook still remains an amazing contender, with over 1 billion subscribers. That will be a very hard number to defeat, but certainly not impossible. MySpace was considered a pioneer of social media status frenzies and steadily saw numbers of over 95 million individuals. Until Facebook arrived, stealing the show and much of its fanbase. Now, as Facebook grows steadily and sits pretty atop of their IPO, a shadow is starting to cause a minor concern; teens are taking less interest in Facebook. How long will it be before the next social media giant rises on the horizon? Thoughts on this subject? Leave a comment below.


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