Family Guy Top Moments For Brian Griffin

Family GuyLast night, Family Guy creators aired the final episode for its talking dog, Brian Griffin. Brian has been on the show since the first ever episode and became a main character from then. Now, 14 years later it is time to bid him farewell (for now!). To do that in style, here are some of Brian Griffin’s top moments from Family Guy.

The Texting Girls in the Bar

Brian was never one not to try it on with the ladies. Despite being desperately in love with Lois, he had a string of girlfriends and one night stands. One of those one night stands was a girl he met in a bar, through another girl who was texting her. The funniest part of the whole episode was the use of text speak between all the characters—and even Brian understood!

Brian Griffin and the Crying Baby

Family Guy has always been known for creating laughs out of events that happen all the time around the world. Everyone has been in a restaurant, diner or other public place when a baby just won’t stop crying, just like Brian Griffin in this moment. Instead of ignoring it like most people would or walk away if they could, the talking dog turns around and starts shouting at the baby. The two go up against each other until Brian tells the poor baby, waiting for food, to “shut up”.

The Time in the Other Dimension

Little Stewie Griffin is always creating some new gadget. He is an evil mastermind, after all. If it isn’t time travel, is travelling between dimensions, which takes us to the third of the top Brian Griffin moments from Family Guy. They get to the world where the roles are reverse. Dogs control the humans and Brian enjoys this world. He goes as far as telling his baby friend to pick up his poop.

Meeting the Ex and the Son He Never Knew About

In one episode, Brian spends some time reminiscing with Stewie about a past girlfriend. Flashbacks show that she is a beautiful young girl but he gets the shock of his life when he turns up and see the woman he has become. However, that’s not the major part to all this. His ex-girlfriend finally tells Brian that he has a son.

Remembering to Say Over

Good voice procedure is important when using a walkie-talkie, at least according to Stewie it is. This final moment is Brian forgetting to say “over” at the end of his turn on the radio. After a few back and forth moments between the two, Brian finally sees the wire that his young friend is passing to him and pulls it hard to pull Stewie down.

Trying to choose all the top moments of Brian Griffin from Family Guy is difficult. There are just so many of them. There is an excellent clip from FOX currently on YouTube with a full compilation of funny, sad, touching and happy moments of the talking dog. For those who haven’t yet seen the episode of Brian Griffin’s death, it is now available below.

By Alexandria Ingham

USA Today

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