Google Plus is the Best Social Media Platform on the Internet

Why Google Plus is the best social media network on the Internet today

Google Plus

Google Plus is the best social media platform available in the market today. This statement is backed up by some very strong reasons in its defense. Before we delve into the facts and figures that make Google Plus, one of the best or rather the best social media platform, it needs to be cited upfront that, whether, you are just a plain user or a small business  or a mega enterprise, your presence in cyberspace nowadays ultimately defines your fate.

Social media today and the interaction with millions of people worldwide is no more an option but a necessity, if you are to succeed in your venture on the Internet. Hence, Google Plus is designed in a specific way around its members who share diverse forms of media in a real life experience in a meaningful manner.

Google Plus was released in June, 2011 and ever since that day it has been continually on a routine basis attracting the attention of Internet Marketers, who are serious to see their business interests flourish and grow at exponential pace. This is a very important factor which has made Google Plus grow leaps and bounds by the months of June/July of 2013. Some of the important related statistics to date are that Google Plus has grown exponentially to 500 million users and is now the second largest social media platform in the western world. Progressing at this pace soon Google Plus will be the leader of social media on the Internet by early 2014.

Google Plus is the best social media platform today, because it is backed by a solid business entity, that is the Google Corporation.  This gives Google Plus users the added advantage and provides them with the much needed edge over the other competing social media networks. Google, the mother company provides the users of Google Plus interaction with some of the most highly ranked websites on the Internet, a much needed incentive for the marketers as well as the common users. Google ensures that the users of Google Plus are ranked higher than the potential users of other social media platforms. This greater visibility on the search engine placements inevitably leads to higher ranking, which means that your service or product(s) reach millions of potential clients without any activity on your part , as Google takes care of all that hassle because you are a user of Google Plus. This advantage is not for the time being only but Google will continue to watch over the interests of Google Plus users in the long term, Google will give you preference over users of other social media networks, as long as you remain an active member of Google Plus.

Google Plus with its enhanced features, which by the way are continually evolving into better and latest versions providing the members a much broader experience of evaluating and sharing ideas with other members or users in different circles with mutually beneficial interests, fads, fashions and trends. Further being a member of one of these circles you are able to communicate and form partnerships with other users, which may be individuals or even companies with greater influence and clientele than yourself.

Being a member of the Google Plus social media network is a win win proposition whichever way you look at it, therefore there are no two opinions about the statement the Google’s Google Plus is the best social media platform on the Internet today.

An Op-ed written by: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


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