GTA V Aliens and UFOs

GTA V Aliens and UFOs

In GTA V, aliens and UFOs can be spotted around the city of Los Santos. These aliens have large, elongated heads, green skin, and a mouthful of big teeth–and, as all good aliens do, the GTA V aliens came on flying saucers. These UFOs can be found, provided you know where to look.

Players have found four UFOs so far. Two of them look about the same, saucer-shaped with colorful lights mounted on them, and FIB markings on top (the FIB is the in-game equivalent of the FBI.) One of these appears at the summit of Mount Chiliad after you reach 100% completion of the game. You must go to the Mount Chiliad cable station at 3 a.m. when it’s raining. This is the only UFO you can see while on foot.

The second one can be found in the sky above the Northeast of Sandy Shores, a poor desert town in Blaine County. You must fly to maximum altitude and you’ll see a golden UFO covered in FIB logos.


The third alien craft has fuselage similar to a stealth bomber, but in a roughly circular shape. This UFO makes loud screeching sounds as you approach it, and it even begins to distort the player’s world. It can be found above the Fort Zancudo military base. There’s a bunker that shines spotlights into the sky every now and again. You must fly over it at maximum altitude and you’ll see a large, black UFO.

The fourth UFO can be found sunken just off the coast of Paleto Bay and can be found when you’re piloting the submersible, a sub-aquatic vehicle. This last UFO also has FIB markings but it’s too dark in the ocean to make out much detail.

It has been reported that there may be a fifth UFO in the mountains East of Blaine County. You can see a glowing red outline hidden in a mountain, but you can only see it if you stand in just the right place.

So far, players have not found a way to enter or pilot any of the UFOs. If you try to parachute on top of one of them, some kind of force field pushes you away. The UFO on top of Mount Chiliad will disappear if you come too close.

Approaching any of the UFOs in an aircraft will cause your engine to temporarily shut down. Using weapons on them has no effect.

In addition to these four UFOs, aliens can be seen in four GTA V missions:

In this mission, you’re supposed to lead your character over top of train tracks, but if you instead hang a right and go under the bridge and get out of your car, you will fin a frozen alien under the surface of the river.

GTA V Frozen Alien

Franklin and Lamar:
In this mission we learn of an alien movie that’s being filmed in the city, possibly “Los Santos 2020”, which is referred to at other times. As you dash through a movie studio in a car, there will be actors dressed in alien costumes. If you dodge them all, it will count towards the 100 percent mission score and the “We come in peace” box will be checked.

Grass Roots:
If you play this mission as Michael, you can smoke marijuana which causes wild hallucinations and a hazy stupor. He imagines that there is a minigun in his hands and he’s surrounded by aliens. Naturally, the player must slaughter the aliens without dying.

Did Somebody Say Yoga?:
In this mission Michael goes with Jimmy to rendezvous with a drug dealer who works at a Burger Shot restaurant. There he buys marijuana and something called a “special drink,” which apparently contains a large dose of ketamine. Michael takes a sip of Jimmy’s special drink and is left on his own to confront hallucinations of monkeys and aliens. He gets abducted by the aliens and is left floating over the city in midair.

GTA V Aliens and UFOs

There is also an ‘alien egg’ under the sea near the base with the submarine. It looks like a glowing pink boulder, but so far doesn’t appear to do anything.

Some GTA V players are hoping that they will find a way to enter a UFO and possibly fly it. Some believe there is a jet-pack that can be unlocked.

After completing the game, FIB agents can be found in a couple locations where they were not before. One group can be found near a shack off the Northeast highway, and another near the satellite dishes in the desert.

Mysterious symbols can be found around Los Santos, including the illuminati’s “all-seeing eye”, alien runes, and even poems.

Where do these aliens come from and what do they want with the good people of Los Santos? The complete story behind the GTA V aliens and UFOs has eluded players so far, but it’s a safe bet that the FIB has something to do with all of it.

By K. Elsner

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