GTA V Beach Bum Patch 1.06 Includes New Features for Free

GTA VGTA V players will have access to Beach Bum patch 1.06 this Tuesday, Nov. 19, which includes many new features for free.  Rockstar has released a list of their favorites among the many new GTA Online Jobs that will come with the patch.

In a follow up to the Grass Route (Race), players can go off-roading on a route beginning on the edge of the Zancudo River and through wetlands in order to finish on a North Chumash beach.  Survival on Del Perro Pier (Survival) takes you on a beachfront adventure as you fight waves of enemies.

Under Parachuting, the View of Vespucci lets you deplane at an altitude of 2,980 feet in the air toward your designated landing on Vespucci Beach.  Your aim is to dodge palm trees and keep your eye on your landing spot – a rec center basketball court.  TIP:  Players with experience may be able to freefall to avoid opening their chute during the first checkpoints.  Once landing, take a Sundae Driving break on your motorbike on a new Bike Race.

Survival on Del Perro Pier (Survival) Skip the ferris wheel for a deadlier kind of thrill ride as you take on waves of relentless enemies at this beachfront attraction.  A new Team Deathmatch, Paleto Beach, is suitable for been 4 to eight players and unfolds on the shoreline of a quiet town.

GTA V Beach Bum Patch 1.06 also includes some new rides as part of its free features, including the Canis Kalahari truck for off-roading, a beach camping van called the Bravado Paradise, a new dune buggy named the BF Bifta, and the Speeder speedboat.  All newly released vehicles are free in the game.  Access the land vehicles from by calling on your ingame phone.  The Speeder can be obtained by  You will need to use Pegasus to deliver your new vehicle.  You can also find new vehicles when visiting your garage and your Marina in story mode.

Weapons, you say?  Try the new SNS Pistol and the Broken Bottle, which is handy for all-out brawls.  Any Ammu-Nation shop in GTA Online will carry these for free.  The new weapons will be included in all three characters’ inventory while in Story Mode.

If you’ve grown sick and tired of your look, the patch will also include new board shorts and surfer clothes in neon attire.  Fit in with the surfing crowd with a new tribal tattoo and unkempt hair.  Patch 1.06 includes these options and many more.

After the launch of the GTA V Beach Bum patch 1.06, with its new, free features included, Rockstar will be releasing new DLC soon.  One of the most anticipated, a casino heist, will be centered around a new casino in Vineyard Park that sports an “Opening Soon” sign.  Although just a rumor for now, the existence of the casino seems to point toward the opportunity to rob that casino blind during a heist coming in the near future. The vault that is currently inside of GTA Online would likely be the location for the casino robbery.  New heists are said to be coming in GTA Online, but so far there has been no official word from Rockstar, besides a tease regarding more features in the works for GTA V Online and the single player GTA V.  More information on the new DLC is said to be coming soon.

By Jennifer Pfalz

IDigital Times

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