GTA V Rumors and Latest DLC

GTA V Beach Bum DLCTake Two Interactive’s label, Rockstar Games, has set unprecedented sales records with their latest creation, GTA V. Sales of GTA V have hit over $29 million copies in their first month since its launch. But not all players were very happy with some of the glitches the first release put out. Although many players were satisfied with the new 1.06 update that came bundled with the latest DLC (downloadable content), there were many rumors abound that some players were not so happy about the new changes.

One of the changes that the DLC brought, was the changes to the games GTA$ and RP rewards. The way they are now calculated is based on the average time to complete races, death matches and parachuting. Rockstar’s newswire website was inundated with comments on these latest changes to GTA$ and RP points. Most of the comments left by players were of a highly negative nature.

Some other changes, included in the 1.06 update, also sparked negative comments from the players. Rockstar removed the ability for players to store police cars in their own garage. An aspect that was once a lot of fun for some players, it was removed when they downloaded the update. Those players that had police cars in their garage saw them disappear when they logged in after updating.

The latest DLC is being dubbed, the Beach Bum update and includes updates to both the online mode and Story Mode. The Beach Bum update also included an automatic Title Update for GTA V Online.

Updates in the Beach Bum DLC were the addition of the Canis Kalahari 4×4 truck, BF Bifta dune buggy, and the camper-van Bravado Paradise. For the on-the-water escapades, Rockstar added the new Speeder speedboat. All the new vehicles can be accessed in Story Mode at no extra cost. By going online in the game, players can acquire the newest vehicles at and for the new boat. A few other non-beach related vehicles were also added in the update.

As for new weapons, Rockstar introduced the SNS Pistol. They also added Broken Bottle to the list. Both new weapons are for those up-close and personal battles.

Just after the 1.06 update was released, thirty new in-game jobs were added to the fictional city of Los Santos and Blaine County. The new jobs included some new Beach Races, Deathmatches, Gang Attacks, Parachutes and Last Team Standings. In addition, Rockstar added “Survival on Del Perro Pier” and more.

Along with all the additions in the update, Rockstar also released some 24 tuning adjustments and fixes to some of their most criticised features. The fixes were sent out to patch vehicle-related issues, some problems with some of the missions, and fixes to some of the challenges related to the cloud servers. Fixes were also released that fixed a multitude of player-related in-game exploits.

Rockstar adjustments to some of the GTA V in-game play included the Bad Sport penalty. The penalty has been reduced by a significant amount or removed all-together for certain actions. Players just sitting in an idling tank, no longer are penalized when others crash into them. Other adjustments were to GTA$ and RP rewards for some of the missions and tasks.

Rumors are that Rockstar is working very hard to tune and adjust GTA V to improve game-play and the player’s online experience. It is recommended that if players have a pain-point with the game, they should be sending in feedback to Rockstar. If the latest 1.06 Update and DLC didn’t fix what players requested, it is likely going to be fixed in the next few weeks and/or months.

By Brent Matsalla

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