Is Evolution Real?

Is Evolution Real

By far, one of the biggest debates that exist on the planet at the moment is whether evolution is real. Evolution can be defined as the metamorphosis of a biological being over a time range. Evolution leads to diversity of beings.

It is of course no surprise that there is debate over the reality of it. Whether it is fact or fiction.  Whether humans were created by a supreme being or just evolved from a previous being that had existed before. A seeming battle of Elah between the camp of evolutionists and that of the creationists.

The origin of man looks like one of those questions that won’t stop being brought into discourse. The design of the human body looks like a perfect work of art and there has always been a fascination as to where it came from. A fascination of the genesis of it all. Where it all began from. How we all got here.

Charles Darwin, in 1859, released what is generally now referred to as the Theory of Evolution. Darwin’s main argument is that there is often a struggle for survival of the fittest of any specific species over time and hence there are changes made for adaptation purposes and consequently new species over time arise from these continued variations.

As stated earlier, on the other side of the coin of the valley in this debate is the camp of those who believe in creation. People who believe in a supreme being that controls the affairs of everything else and that He created everything else as well. Needless to say, they very much doubt whether evolution is real. They believe in creation. The biggest grouse they postulate with the evolution theory is that if everything evolved into place, shouldn’t they have also evolved out of place? How can things so dramatically change over some billion years and then not change over the next few billion years? It is a bit difficult to argue with them in that regard.

David Attenborough, a popular scientist tries to explain this recently. “I think that we’ve stopped evolving because if natural selection, as proposed by Darwin, is the main mechanism of evolution – there may be other things, but it does look as though that’s the case – then we’ve stopped natural selection. ” He said. “We stopped natural selection as soon as we started being able to rear 95–99 per cent of our babies that are born.” Attenborough continued.  Though Attenborough makes some sense in his explanation, it is one which smells of convenience and desperation to fit in. If it was a case of man putting an end to natural selection as Darwin explains, what about wild animals? Antelopes? Lion? Even ants? Surely they have not had as much success in keeping their young alive as we have.

Whether Evolution is real or not is not a debate that will end anytime soon but one thing remains sure, the human body is a perfect machine. Probably the greatest machine to have ever been in existence, and whatever is responsible for it is on a level higher than our level of reasoning as human beings.


By Olajide Jatto


Daily Telegraph

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