Jada Pinkett Smith: Is Will Smith Cheating? Pictures Surface

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What else should a woman do when rumors and pictures surface, suggesting her husband is having an affair? Jada Pinkett Smith received a brand new ‘do after the rumors started surfacing that Will Smith was “getting jiggy with it” with his co-star, 23-year-old Margot Robbie. Is Will Smith cheating on actress wife, Jada Pinkett Smith? Pictures are surfacing along with Jada’s new ‘do that suggest there may be more to the rumor than meets the eye.

Jada Pinkett Smith: Is Will Smith Cheating? Pictures SurfacePictures Surface for Jada Pinkett Smith’s Review

Star Magazine is known for making tongues wag and it seems their November issue is no exception. Pictured on the cover are pictures of Will and Margot posing in a photo booth. Margot’s shirt is hoisted up showing off her skimpy bra while Will mimics the movement. Sources close to the pair wave off the accusation advising the pics were taken before fellow cast-mates and it is intended for humor purposes. Margot and Will are starring in the flick Focus and sources close to Will advise the two became friends but nothing dirty is going on.

Other unnamed sources counter the claim from friends of Will and Margot. One source told Star magazine the couple was nuzzling in the dark and had become very close during the filming of the movie.  The relationship between co-stars are typically riddled with friendship, so does this mean Will is cheating on Jada? It seems various sources are staking equal sides of the field. After the pictures surfaced, even fans waved them off, calling them innocent.

What’s up With Jada Pinkett Smith’s Hair?

Any big changes of hair by celebrities are always hitting the news. Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie haircut ruled social media and celebrity news. It is only expected a big change by Jada Pinkett Smith would as well. It also permits the gossip mills to point to the needed change from the alleged infidelity from her husband. Then again rumors of an open marriage between the Hollywood, power couple has long been media speculation.

Recently, Jada attended an event with a couple of things missing. Her hair had been trimmed closely on the sides and dyed blonde. It appears Jada was not wearing her wedding ring, either. Could this be further proof of the widening separation gap between Jada and Will? This isn’t a first time Jada is battling rumors relaying to her husband’s alleged affairs. Early in July, she sat down with Redbook and confessed it would take more than gossip to leave her husband. To confirm her stance, she stated, “Except if he did something bad to the kids — now we’ve got a problem.”

Jada Pinkett Smith: In or Out?

Thousands of married couples walk around without a wedding ring, does that mean Will is cheating? Not necessarily. Jada’s need for a radical hair change is not a new stance; millions of women want something different, does this allude to the fact infidelity within her marriage drove her to change? Not significantly. The long-time married power couple have long been a favorite of fans and it seems they will remain that way. Jada has clarified in multiple ways how much her husband means to her and gossip would remain just that. With the pictures surfacing, could that now change Jada’s mind – only time will tell if Will is cheating and how Jada will handle the situation. For now she remains classy and above the gossip.

Jada Pinkett Smith: Is Will Smith Cheating? Pictures Surface


Written by Angelina Bouc

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