Jennifer Lawrence Does Not Play Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence Does Not Play Hunger Games


Jennifer Lawrence hates to diet so she does not play any hunger games with herself. She loves to eat and makes no bones about who knows it.

Even if she eats hot dogs each day, no one was able to tell during the Hunger Games: Catching Fire world premiere in London on Monday night because she was absolutely stunning.

The Oscar-winning actress did not even become motivated to watch what she ate when she was playing the role of Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past. In this costume, she plays a shape-shifter which is the color blue and it required Lawrence to be nude most of the time.

She says that she thought the desire to diet and work out would come but it never did. She explained that it felt like wearing rubber paint and caused her to become easily dehydrated. She drank lots of water but rarely went to the restroom. It was very draining on her physically.

Jennifer Lawrence is steadfast on her stance about the world’s unrealistic expectations that is held for females on their weight. She said that it is extremely disappointing how the media continues to keep such beliefs alive and flames the fire. That is something which seems to bother her very much because she said that she is a person that loves to eat.

Last month, the now pixie hair styled actor criticized the cynics who said she was overweight early in her career. She makes no qualms about how she feels about what was said about her. It is obvious from her success now that those who spoke against her obviously had no clue about true talent.

She said that someone told her she was fat and that she was going to be fired if she did not lose a certain quantity of weight. She explains that she was given pictures of her essentially naked, and was instructed to use them as a diet motivator. It was not something she ever used.

It does not appear that she needs any dieting aids. On Monday evening Lawrence strolled down the red carpet in London looking just fine.  The 23-year-old ended up facing a very chilly England twilight and also pouring rain as she covered herself in a red coat. What she was wearing underneath was a delightful white dress collaborative which included a sequined skirt. White is one of the hottest colors for this fall season, so it should be no bombshell that Jennifer Lawrence picked just such a shade for her huge debut night.

Her cropped fresh hair style was tailored back away from her face and she appeared quite wonderful, even if she does love food.  Her other perfect accessory was that famous beaming smile wide across her pretty face.

So Jennifer Lawrence just needs to keep on doing exactly what she has been doing because she is doing everything about perfectly. If she wants to eat, and not exercise, that is her business. Lawrence does not have to play any hunger games with herself; she does them enough on the big screen.


By Kimberly Ruble

LA Times

Hollywood Life

Huffington Post


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