Jennifer Lawrence New Pixie Cut Stirs Social Media

Jennifer Lawrence pixie cut

Jennifer Lawrence never fails to surprise us. This time, it’s her new blonde, pixie cut. Her cut is very short at the back and features a long, side-swept fringe. Whether wearing a shoulder-skimming bob, a long, brunette braid or a spunkish shorty, Lawrence claims hearts with every new look she sports. Fan reaction was mixed, some going for Miss Lawrence’s ultimate beauty no matter what she does, others saying losing her signature-long, glossy locks took away from her radiance. Like it or diss it, the Hunger Games star has successfully garnered everybody’s already keen attention on her.

Lawrence has always been known to have a unique, glamorous style. Her smoky eyes-makeup and nude lip gloss, give her the divine look of a mysterious beauty queen. With her overall goofiness and her humble personality, Lawrence breaks the femme fatale cliché when people fail to define her. One moment she’s America’s BFF and another she is Katniss Everdeen, using her bow and arrow to catch you by surprise.

Busy promoting the second installment in the Hunger Games series “Catching Fire,” Lawrence didn’t forget to humor fans and everybody with wild tales during the live panel at Facebook’s headquarters Wednesday, November 6th, night. Like her finger-flipping incident backstage at the Oscars, Lawrence shocks and proves she’s not your average Hollywood Barbie. When asked about the body-hugging wetsuits that the characters wear for much of the “Catching Fire” shooting time, she said that best thing about them was that she could run into the water and easily pee. A girl who is not shy of being who she is won’t be shy to take extremes when it comes to haircuts.

Stating she has no regrets whatsoever on chopping off her long, locks, Lawrence seems very comfortable in her new image as a short-haired woman. She initiated the social media stir by posting a photo of her new haircut, first thing on her official Facebook page. Comments on the photo go from “horrified” to “excited.” Lawrence encouraged the fans to keep track of her movie updates by adding the following caption underneath the snap: “Headed up north for #GLOBALFANDAY with The Hunger Games Catching Fire cast. Follow this page all day for updates!”

Lawrence later on posted a new photo of her trying out the new Google Glass. The photo captured the attention of over 30,000 fans worldwide who either liked, shared or commented on the photo. Both photos showed Lawrence’s goofy and fun side. The fans are all, however, waiting for those dazzling, sexy photoshoots like the Harper’s Bazaar UK ones but with Jenny sporting the new blonde hairdo.

When asked at the live panel on why she decided to go short and bold, she first jokingly stated that it was her way of driving “Catching Fire” director Francis Lawrence mad. The ultimate truth as said by Lawrence was: “it’s fried from being dyed too much.”

The 23-year-old Oscar winner has been busy lately promoting her new movie. Her second movie collaboration with Bradley Cooper and director David O. Russell, “American Hustle,” will hit theaters December 13, 2013.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will hit theaters November 22, 2013.

Written by: Jaylan Salah

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Jennifer Lawrence bold and blonde

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