LAX Airport Shooting Scare Several Shot

LAX Shooting

There is panic and pandemonium at LAX this morning after gunshots went off in Terminal Three. Parts of the International Airport are being evacuated as scared passengers dived for cover as shots went off.  The incident began at around 9.30am when “everybody started to panic” said traveler, Robert Perez. He had been having a brief nap when he woke to “a popping sound” and heard that the “TSA said that there was a shooting in the terminal and evacuate the building.”  It is now emerging that people have been shot and a suspect is in custody.  The law enforcement, LAPD have said they are “on tactical alert” due to the “major incident.”

A TSA employee is reported to have been seen bleeding and is thought to be one of the wounded.

The gunman is thought to have had a high powered rifle, and he may have been shot as he was captured by the police.

A reporter for Fox Sports, Bill Reiter, was at the scene during the shooting scare. He had this to say,”After the intial burst of gunfire and hiding, people started jumping over one another, jumping off chairs, pushing each other.” He finished his commentary on his Twitter account with the words “Chaos & Fear.

Emergency services were quick to react and the Los Angeles Fire Department was said to be helping in the  “multi-patient incident”  It appeared that tarps resembling triage tarps were being laid on the ground where ambulance were pulling up.   At least two people have been seen put into the ambulance so far.

By Kate Henderson




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