Matt Barnes Calls Clippers Teammates N Word on Twitter After Being Ejected

Clippers forward Matt Barnes smiles as Serge Ibaka threatens to punch him, he would later use the N word as part of a Twitter rant about the incident.

Shortly after being involved in a scuffle that resulted in an ejection from the Los Angeles Clippers win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Matt Barnes used the N word as he ranted about his teammates on Twitter.

In a since deleted Tweet, Matt Barnes said that “I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these n—–! All this s— does is cost me money.”

Obviously heated after being ejected, Matt Barnes made the unfortunate choice of using social media as his way to vent his frustration.

The game was competitive throughout, and the game got a bit chippy at times. Clippers forward Blake Griffin and Thunder forward Serge Ibaka got into it in the first half, with Matt Barnes eventually coming to the aid of his star teammate.

Matt Barnes would be ejected for coming to the aid of Blake Griffin during the Clippers win, he would use the N word in a Twitter rant later on.

Matt Barnes shoved Ibaka away from his teammate, and both the Thunder and Clippers got into a scrum in the aftermath. Ibaka cocked his fist at Matt Barnes, who just smiled back. No punches were thrown, but both players were ejected for their participation.

As he left the court, Matt Barnes grabbed his son from the stands and held his hand as he strode down the tunnel. He was gone from the locker room before anyone had a chance to interview him.

Charlie Gille

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