Miley Cyrus Keeps Grabbing Headlines

Miley cyrusMiley Cyrus is a pop icon who continues to raise the bar for bad behavior, but it keeps her in the headlines. She has reached adulthood and redefined herself as an artist, but not always in a positive light. Miley Cyrus keeps grabbing headlines, the latest of which might surprise people.

Miley is now a featured character on the cover of MAD magazine. The front page features her caricature grinding on Alfred E. Neuman. Alfred who is dressed in a suit remarkably similar to the outfit Robin Thicke wore on the VMA performance with Miley, seems to be enjoying himself. Miley is number one in the issues featured Top 20 dumbest people, events, and things of 2013. Just by herself Miley could take all three of those categories if you count her, the VMA performance, and her foam finger.

Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance of “We can’t stop” is something I would like to stop. Repeated references to drug use are nothing short of appalling. So it is no surprise that Miley Cyrus keeps grabbing headlines. Her simplistic and repetitive lyrics could have been written by a 10-year-old and the whole musical performance leaves most men in the audience looking away, appearing bored, or even shocked. More than one person can be seen shaking their head in disapproval.

I would like to see police show up and arrest her for indecent exposure at one of these events. If I wore that just to step out on my doorstep police would probably show up quickly to usher me inside, issue a ticket, and suggest I put some clothes on. Miley wasn’t on her doorstep, she was broadcast right into your living room, where your young children may have been sitting.

Her “wrecking ball” performance with a mumbling and crying kitten in the background is nothing that musicians will probably ever use to teach music students. Well of course, unless they are trying to show them what not to do. Miley is a wrecking ball.


Miley Cyrus

She is constantly raising the bar or lowering it depending upon how you look at it, perhaps in an attempt to satisfy what might be an insatiable appetite for more publicity. Is this a girl, who at age 21 had so much fame and fortune that she is spending her freetime “dancing with Molly” (an MDMA reference) out of shear boredom?  She needs to write a billboard top 10 called “My lies define me.”

A representative of the artist has said that Cyrus was joking when talking about smoking a lot of pot. However, in a 2013 Rolling Stone interview Miley called marijuana and MDMA each “a happy drug.” They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a whole lot of “happy” drugs. There is some good news though. Miley discourages cocaine use because it is “so gross,” “so dark,” and “from the nineties.”

Miley Cyrus keeps grabbing headlines with her outrageous behavior and she shows no signs of stopping. This pretty egomaniac told Rolling Stone that she couldn’t handle a year off because she wanted to hear people screaming her name. Miley said she hates the paparazzi but when they weren’t around waiting for her she wondered “Who’s bigger news? Who are you trying to get a picture of?” Is this the kind of person you want to give money to, for anything other than seeking psychological treatment?

By: Lara Stielow

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