O’Hare International Airport Finds Alligator Under Escalator

O'Hare International Airport Finds Alligator Under EscalatorA traveler at O’Hare International Airport finds an alligator under one of their escalators and the police department had to be called in to take it away.

The passenger, who first discovered the small animal on Friday in the lower level of Terminal 3, was riding the escalator when the alligator was spotted. It appeared to be extremely lethargic. The person informed an O’Hare custodian, who in turn got in touch with the airport police around 10 a.m.

The O’Hare International Airport police called the Chicago Herpetological Society to ask for help in removing the animal. The officers had to use a broom to stick the small alligator into a box.

The Herpetological Society came and took it into their care.

The American alligator, who received the name “Allie” by the O’Hare Airport police, was in still in distress on Sunday and was suffering from a metabolic deficiency in its bones. This means that means the alligator’s diet was most likely poor and required calcium for quite some time before it had been discovered at O’Hare International Airport, stated one of the spokespersons for the Herpetological Society.

It is going to need time to recover, added the spokesperson. The little guy has suffered a terrible experience after having to lie on the O’Hare International Airport cold floor which is made of concrete and just dumped by some human being and left there. This is probably how the tiny animal got there in the first place.

A photo of a man that had an arm covered with tattoos was spotted holding the critter. It was taken on a train line which goes to O’Hare International Airport. So between Allie being an alligator and the markings on the man’s arm, police said they might be able to catch the person who did this.

The person probably figured out he would never be able to get the little alligator through checkpoint, so he just let it go. O’Hare Airport police originally believed the report to be a joke.

Allie, who is considered a juvenile aged alligator, is only about 2 feet long and is considered small for its age. The gender was not known as of yet.

Alligators like Allie generally live in temperatures around 90 degrees, grow to about four feet and have about the same life span as humans. People tend to think these types of alligators are cute when they are babies, the society spokesperson stated, but they grow up to be not only much bigger, they also have teeth. They live a very long time as well. People do not understand this either.

Right now, Allie’s health is what is most important. This kind of animal usually resides in one of the southern states. It needs warmth and quiet, so it will stay in quarantine until it shows signs of becoming healthy again. The society does not know how long that might be. The animal is not doing the best at this time but they are hopeful it will recover fully.

If that occurs, the society will begin looking for a permanent home for the alligator in some other state. Chicago conditions and O’Hare Airport conditions are not suitable for the proper raising of alligators.

The O’Hare International Airport’s escalators are definitely not the place to raise alligators.

By Kimberly Ruble

NY Daily News 

Chicago Tribune

LA Times


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