Bikini Baristas Arrested Nearly Nude

Nude Bikini Baristas Bodacious

Customers will be doing more than saying “Ouch! That’s hot!” when they visit the Hillbilly Hotties coffee stand in Washington state in the near future. They’ll also be lamenting the absence of some of their favorite nearly nude bikini baristas. Three of the bodacious beauties have been arrested on charges stemming from a two month police investigation into the drive through coffee stand.

The so-called “bikini barista” drive-through coffee stations have become incredibly popular as of late. Lovely young ladies in nearly nude, barely-there wear; aka bikinis and lingerie, have been serving up piping hot coffee, espresso, cappuccino and lattes at the sultry shop near Seattle.

Normally, the girls are just supposed to look pretty and show a whole lot of skin as they dish out caffeinated beverages to groggy commuters, but apparently, at least three of the hot honeys were trading a lot more than just fair trade coffee beans.  Two of the girls stand accused of breaking the jurisdiction’s “adult cabaret” laws, while one of the girls will be charged with “lewd conduct.” The first charge means that two of the ladies were partially or fully unclothed beyond the flesh exposed from their normal work attire, while the second charge of lewd conduct has yet to be fully described.

Washington State seems to have a love-hate relationship with the nearly nude scorching coffee stands. While the shops are incredibly popular with consumers, it seems the police have been keeping very busy enforcing the state’s ban on the world’s oldest profession. Four years ago, they charged five bikini beauties with prostitution after it was revealed that the working girls were enjoying reeling in a little side cash to the tune of $80 per pop, er… per stripping session. They were scaling down their uniforms to be baristas in the buff and then taking pictures with their happy patrons.

During that investigation, police were treated to a sweet sensation as the girls also engaged in licking whipped cream off each other and fondling each other’s lower halves. In fact, it seems that these bikini baristas simply can’t keep their clothes on. Police had received dozens of complaints against numerous coffee shops when they chose one to focus in on.

During that investigation, detectives must have been rejoicing at their career choice as they got to play “bikini basketball.” They crunched up bills and tossed them toward the women, who would catch the money in their bikini bottoms or lingerie panties. The girls at that particular shop apparently catered to bargain hunters; they offered nudie shots for $20 each.

Three nearly nude bikini baristas at Hillbilly Honeys have been arrested. Will customers go back to saying “ouch, that’s hot” and be satisfied with plain old coffee served by ladies in demure bikinis, or will their days suddenly become just a little duller without all the frisky fun to which they’ve grown accustomed? Their best bet? They could move to Nevada, where there’s a whole lot more in store than whipped cream.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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