Police Vow to Track Down and Arrest Yale Gun Hoax Caller

Police Vows to Track Down and Arrest Yale Gun Hoax Caller
New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman today vowed to track down and arrest the person responsible for making the gun hoax call regarding Yale University. Initially, Esserman said he was leaning toward the incident being a hoax because the call was short and non-descriptive. Esserman is now redirecting his focus based on the fact that the hoax started with a purposeful and malicious call.

At 9:48 this morning, a man called 911 from a pay phone not far from Yale and claimed that his roommate was headed to the campus to shoot people, said New Haven Police spokesman, Officer David Hartman.

Yale University locked-down for six hours when authorities responded to the phone call. During this time, SWAT teams canvased the campus and did not find a gunman. No one was hurt. The lockdown went lifted in the afternoon. Authorities believe that neither the caller nor his roommate are students or attended Yale.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the New Haven Police Department immediately.

By Christina Ibbotson

Associated Press