Rockstar Games Announces GTA Online Holiday Weekend Discounts

Rockstar games Black Friday Warehouse sale

Rockstar Games is helping you celebrate the holidays and giving thanks to the fans by announcing a special sale for GTA Online this weekend only. The sale will only take place between November 28 and December 1. The sale is for in-game purchases of the online portion of GTA V only, GTA Online. Along side that Rockstar also offers “The Rockstar Warehouse Black Friday Sale” which is only going on November 29 and offers a 20 percent off all Rockstar apparel and collectibles.

Rockstar knows how the holidays are, on their website they even offered this kind words to fans, “after you’ve recovered from gatherings with dysfunctional family members, participating in unplanned scuffles in department stores over drastically discounted kitchen appliances and engaging in wanton acts of mass poultry consumption, sneak back to Los Santos where a host of GTA Online items will be discounted this holiday weekend.”

This generous sale comes in three portions. The first is known as “Turkey Shoot” and it offers 50 percent off for all hunting rifles, that include the Carbine Rifle, the Advanced Rifle, the Assault Rifle, The Sniper Rifle, and the Heavy Sniper. What use is a gun without ammunition right? This sale also offers 50 percent off all rifle ammo and attachments. So go out there and hunt yourself some holiday brub.

Rockstar offers a in-game sale this weekend

The second portion of the deal is of course the “Black Friday Sale” which applies to only black colored coded items. All black clothing and accessories are included, that means shirts, hoodies, masks, helmets, ties, jewelery, cargo pants, glasses, and the list goes on and on. Aside from clothes the sale also applies to vehicle modifications that are black, that includes license plates, tire smoke, and window tinting. But remember, the sale only applies if what you are getting is color coded black.

The third portion is not for in-game items but for items form the Rockstar warehouse. All apparel and collectibles are 20 percent off for today only.

Rockstar games is once again working towards making GTA V and GTA Online a game that you enjoy playing. Depending on the results of this sale Rockstar will likely make future sales for such occasions. They may not all be as specific or color coded as this one but that depends on if you all, the fans, like and partcipate.

Is this a sale that interests you? If Rockstar intends to offer future holiday sales what would you like to see specifically? The idea of in-game discounts doesn’t come very often in gaming surprisingly, most games don’t have a team as dedicated as Rockstar. Would you like to see Rockstar continue in-game sales or drop them and go with sales go with something else? Rockstar can’t offer too much outside of game content because usually when they make downloadable content for GTA V they make it free automatically.

Rockstar games keeps the fans occupied with in-game sales, free downloadable content, and constant patches. This GTA Online sale goes from November 28 to December 1 and applies to all rifles and black clothing along with vehicle upgrades that follow the color coded scheme. The Rockstar Warehouse sale is only going on today and offers 20 percent off for all Rockstar apparel and collectibles.  These holiday weekend discounts mark what will surely be a long line of holiday discount from Rockstar.

By Garrett Jutte
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