Stevie Nicks Is a Witch and Visits a Coven?

Stevie Nicks, Coven

Rumors have been tossed around for at least 35 years that Stevie Nicks is a witch and that she visits a coven; rumors that Nicks has always vehemently denied. But now, she may actually be playing a witch on the popular series American Horror Story: Coven. Nicks will guest star on the show, and the news has sent Nicks and Coven fans alike into paroxysms of extreme delight.

The show is already about as delicious as it can possibly get, and now, when it seems the series could not be any more fantastic, the prospect of Nicks’ arrival on set could elevate the show to unimaginably entertaining heights. The cast already includes the amazing and eternally gorgeous Jessica Lange, the breathtaking and much-too-young-looking-for-her-age Angela Bassett, the incredibly talented Kathy Bates and the ethereal Francis Conroy. Rounding out the gang of fierce and lovely female characters are Gabourey Sidibe, who played Precious in the movie of the same name; Sarah Paulson, who has previously starred in the second season of the show; and Lily Rabe, who may be the most significant character in the Stevie Nicks episode.

That’s because Rabe’s character on the show is a Stevie wannabe. She wears long, flowing skirts, lots of lace; and wears her hair in a circa 1975 Nicks’ style: long, wavy and untamed. Her character also loves Stevie Nicks, and refers to her as the only “other witch” she knows. Rabe’s character lives alone in a cottage in the woods, listens to Fleetwood Mac records and wanders around healing people and bringing them back to life. In one recent episode, it seemed Ryan Murphy was beckoning Nicks to take part in an inside joke; Rabe’s character flung herself into a traditional “Nicks Spin,” twirling around and around in a fit of emotion. It’s obvious that Murphy admires Nicks and wants to honor her by paying homage to her personal style as well as her genre of music.

Stevie Nicks, Coven
Nicks is eternally youthful.

For fans of both Stevie Nicks and the show, the news that she will appear in an episode of Coven seems almost too good to be true, but Murphy sent the joyful news out over Twitter to confirm Nicks’ upcoming appearance. Upon receiving the announcement, fans took to Facebook to express their excitement. On the Stevie Nicks official page, commenter Stephen Ethridge echoed many fans’ thoughts when he wrote, “Angela Bassett, Jessica Lange, and now, Stevie? Oh my!” Commenter Scott Taylor wrote “Soooo excited for you to be on American Horror Story! Will be the best show ever!”

This season of the show is a favorite among many fans, and the addition of Nicks to the cast, even if for just one show, promises to make it even better. Previous seasons of the show have centered on a haunted house filled with trapped, doomed spirits; and an insane asylum. Lange has performed in all three seasons, and has had the opportunity to show her acting skills as well as her breathtaking beauty.

Is Stevie Nicks a witch who visits a coven? Most likely not in real life, but the answer could quite possibly be yes in the fictional world, and that makes Nicks and American Horror Story: Coven fans incredibly happy.

By: Rebecca Savastio

Hollywood Reporter

Los Angeles Times

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