The Voice Live Top 12 Performances November 11 (Review & Videos)

The Voice Jacquie Lee Performs Nov. 11, 2013

On The Voice tonight, the Top Twelve will perform live.  By the end of tomorrow evening, the two who receive the fewest votes from America will be sent home, and only 10 will remain.  Voting will start right after tonight’s episode. The remaining competitors are all so good, it will be sad to see any of them go. Which two will not make it to the next round? Which team (s) will the two come from, and how will the double elimination effect the rest of the season? America, the fate of the Top Twelve are in your hands! Who will you vote for?

To start off The Voice, Carson Daly, the show’s host, thanked veterans for their service to America, then he introduced the coaches. He also said “the stakes are very high,” and that the votes of America will decide which two singers will get sent home tomorrow night.

Caroline Pennell from Team Cee Lo will start off the night. Cee Lo likes how she “connects with the audience in a genuine way.” The song she will sing is Wake Me Up.

She began strongly, and there was a cool  cut-out of a crescent moon and stars behind her. The audience was clapping right from the start of the song, She walked down an aisle, singing, and the audience screamed and cheered he on. She began the show very well, IMHO.

Cee Lo complimented her, and said that “the energy is positive and in your favor.”

Blake: “I love Caroline, a LOT. I thought you stayed in the pocket, and were awesome.”

Adam: “I love you studio audience! There’s a purity to what you do, and I love hearing that.”

Team Christina’s Josh Logan will be the second person to perform, right after commercials. He will sing the Michael Jackson song, Man in the Mirror. Christina saved him from elimination last week.

“Josh is performing an incredible song, Man in the Mirror. It could be all or nothing for Josh,” Christina says.

Josh also has the audience clapping along with him a she sings. He starts the song off kind of low-key, but he really sounds great. Then, he began getting into it more and more, and did a very soulful job of singing the song.

Christina: “I definitely noticed you pulling back the reins. Sometimes people just want to hear your voice. You showcased soul and heart, and I really loved the modulation.”

Adam: “It was really beautiful. That was pretty damn good.”

Cee Lo: “Josh, you continue to impress me. You’re one of my favorite vocalists. Tonight’s performance was very much improved.”

Blake: “If you gave a performance like that last week, I don’t think you would have been one of the ones eliminated. There would have been a different outcome.”

After more commercials, Carson introduced Matt Lauer, and mentioned that they were doing “No Shave November.” Blake was also participating; I didn’t hear for sure if Adam and Cee Lo were.

The third performer on The Voice was James Wolpert for Team Adam. He will sing Mr. Brightside.

Adam: “Even on the high highs, he has control of it.”

James really rocked it out! The song was very fast-paced, and he performed it flawlessly, and hit all of the high notes. The audience got really pumped up by his performance. James played to the audience, and at the end of the song, they erupted in applause, cheers, and screams.

Adam: “Every single second of that was the most dynamic, controlled performance You just turned into a rock star in front of our eyes.”

Christina: “I was nervous for you at first. You were so fun to watch; you let loose, and did a great job.”

Cee Lo: “I saw a legacy of great entertainers that reminded me a lot of you. Great job!”

Austin Jenckes from Team Blake sang next. The song he’ll be singing is It’s a Great Day to Be Alive by Travis Tritt. If he does well, Blake believes he will get a lot of votes from country music loves across America.

Austin does really great, strolling the stage a she sings, his guitar around his neck. He played it a part of the song, as he sang — he proved he can hit some high notes, too! The audience applauded, cheered, and screamed.

Blake: “You are so solid every time you get on the stage, every single time. I wanted people in the country fan base to realize that you can do just about any type of song.”

Cee Lo: “Austin, I think you did a really great job.”

Adam: “That big note — that really set you apart. I’m a fan of yours, and this shows just how diverse you can be.”

Christina: “You keep it real, and when you sing it, I believe it.”

There are more commercials, but after them, Team Christina will get a chance to take the stage, with  Jacquie Lee singing  Love is Blindness. Jacquie Lee is a strong singer — this should be a great performance.

“America voted me through, and I was so happy!” Jacquie tells the camera. Christina said that this will be the Jack White version of Love is Blindness. Jacquie Lee sings with lots of emotion in her voice. Her voice soared, and she rocked the song out. People in the audience were swaying their hands in the air as she sang, then applauded enthusiastically at the end of the song.

Christina: “You set the stage on fire, you know? I challenged you; I choose songs that have a lot of vocal depth. You have the ability to take this whole competition.”

Adam: “Jacquie, you continue to impress so much. It is a mature song, but when you open up — this crazy voice comes out of you, like a dragon.”

Cee Lo: “I just get lost in your voice momentarily. I’m going to put that version in my iPad, and listen to it when I go horseback riding.”

Team Blake’s Ray Boudreaux is up next on The Voice. “I saved Ray because I think he’s one who can definitely win this thing,” Blake says of Ray, and compared him to John Legend.

Ray will sing a John Legend song, All of Me, but he’s worried about it, because it’s a slow song.

He sings a cool, smokin’ version of it, and the women in the audience love it when he hits the higher notes, showing their appreciation by their screams.

Blake, how’s that work for you, pal?” Carson asks Blake.

“Ray is sexy, and you can’t blame him for that,” Blake says. “That right there worked in a big way.”

Christina: “Blake has quite the crush on you. It’s a little creepy. To be honest, vocally, it did fall a little short in places. Pitch-wise, it didn’t quite hit the mark.”

Carson: “Give it up for Ray Boudreaux!” He says that Kat Robichaud will sing next for Team Cee Lo.

The song that Kat will sing for Team Cee Lo will be Sail. She commands the stage as she sings, and the stage lighting was pretty cool, flashing like strobe lights. Kat even audience surfed! She has Cee Lo banging his head! She showcases her powerful pipes in this song, and it’s the best I’ve heard her sing so far, IMHO.

Cee Lo: “Life imitates art, you know? A lot of time, art represents that pain. You feel me? It’s a song that speaks on the pain. I think you made an impression — I think you did it!”

Blake: “It’s almost like you’re a lion walking among a herd of antelopes.”

Adam: “I think that was a first — I don’t think we ever had crowd surfing on this show.”

Christina: “I think we got a step closer to how you’d be in concert. It was darker.”

Jonny Gray is up next for Team Cee Lo. He’ll be singing the song Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins. Jonny was awesome! He had the crowd clapping as he sang, and he accompanied himself on the guitar.

Cee Lo was shaking his head from side to side, really getting into the song. I really love Phil Collin’s version, but Jonny did a great acoustic version of it.

Cee Lo: “I’m ready for you to become a big star. I can’t wait to hear you perform your own music.”

Adam: “The audience was a little off in their clapping; you really recovered form that, and put on a really heart-felt performance. I’m a huge fan of what you do.”

Carson thanked Jonny Gray for his service, and said that Tessanne Chin will be singing My Kind of Love for Team Adam after the commercial break.

Tesssanne says when she hits the stage, she will be singing this song for her husband with every ounce of passion she can.

You can hear that emotion in her voice as Tessanne Chin performs. She belts the song out, displaying her powerful pipes to their fullest. It might well be the best performance of the night so far!

Adam: “Every single time you get up there, this woman sings in such an emotionally flawless way. My mind is just blown. I’m enjoying watching you sing and grow. I love all of you, man.”

Christina: “That was beautiful — you were singing for your husband and all. Your voice is so amazing and rich — it feels like you can do almost anything. It was lovely and wonderful.”

Carson says that up next, Matthew Schuler will sing Hallelujah for Team Christina. It is sure to be another emotionally-charged performance –Matthew has a terrific voice, also.

Christina tells Matthew that she loves his falsetto.

Ah, Matthew’s bringing back fond memories of the first time I watched Shrek. The song’s featured in that movie — Matthew does it honor with his version of it. He has the audience enthralled, and the screamed, cheered, and applauded as he finished singing.

Christina: “Wow! I mean, there’s something so magical — you know, the room becomes still. You make people feel something special. You are so talented and blessed. Thank you so much.”

Blake: “This time last week, I’d have said that Jacquie was the front-runner on your team. But now, I don’t know.”

Adam changed into his leather jacket. “Matthew, the legacy of that song is very important to me. It’s very special to me. I’m happy to say that you really preserved the legacy of what that song means — it was so beautiful.”

After more commercials, The Voice continues with Cole Vosbury, Blake’s final performer. He will be singing Adorn by Miguel. Cole’s a great singer; I’m looking forward to hearing how he does with this song.

Blake: “I want to show people that Cole can put his stamp on any type of song.”

Cole talks to Blake about his sister, who died in a car wreck when she was 17. Blake reveals that he had a brother who died in a car wreck.

Cole: “If I don’t pull this song off, it could be the end of the road.”

IMHO, Cole sounded fantastic, and the crowd clapped along right from the beginning of the song. He sang it very soulfully, and sang directly to the audience, showing off a great stage presence. Will his performance be enough to carry him on to the next round? It’s up to you, America!

BlaKe: “Every time Cole gets on the stage, it feels like he brings a gun to a knife fight. He overwhelms you; he squashes you. Everything you do — you blow me away, man, you truly do. I just can’t praise you enough.”

Cee Lo: “Let me refresh you guys. I chose Cole — nobody else turned around. You did great, dude.”

Carson says that Will Champlin will be the final performer of the night on The Voice. For Team Adam, he’ll be singing Demons right after the commercial break.

Adam tells him that “Demons will have to be lights-out.” In other words, he must knock it out of the park in order to move on. Adam tells him that it’s a non-stop song, and that Will needs to make a big impression.

Will has the audience swaying their hands in the air as he sings, and then his voice takes over. He does an awesome job! The crowd screams out and cheers, and Will walks down an aisle and sings amidst the waving arms of the audience. He does a super job!

Adam: “Obviously, these guys really loved you, and that’s the most important thing. You can feel that passion in what you do, and that’s what I want in my team. I love that you’re still here.”

Carson announced that the voting is now officially open. He mentions that there will be a huge new twist tomorrow, an Instant Save, if I heard him right — that is sure to be an interesting added element to The Voice.

Tonight, the Top 12 performed live on The Voice, and some doing better than others. America, this is your chance to vote for who you think did the best job singing tonight! If you want your favorite singer to move on, you need to show your support for him or her with your vote! Please leave any comments below, and join with me in watching The Voice tomorrow night, then check back here to read my recap/review of the show!

By: Douglas Cobb