The X Factor The Results Show November 28 (Review & Videos)

The X Factor josh-levi November 28

On The X Factor tonight, the Results Show, we will find out the results of America’s voting last night and online this morning, and we’ll learn which two of the remaining Top 8 competitors will be sent home.  This one-hour episode is sure to be an exciting and music-filled one, and Michael Buble will also be performing tonight!

Mario Lopez, the host, introduced the judges, and said that there will be another Double Elimination tonight, as I mentioned. Besides Michael Buble singing, Demi Lovato will also take the stage to perform.

Honda gave a special surprise to the remaining top 8 competitors, by reuniting them with their loved ones and then transporting them to a place where there was an immense table laden with Thanksgiving food. That was a really great and touching moment in this episode.

Then, the Final 8 took the stage to perform “Somewhere Only We Know” I think it’s called. Rion Paige began the song, then Ellona Santiago sang a part, then Josh Levi, and Carlito Olivero. Jeff Gutt was next, followed by Restless Road, then Lillie McCloud and Alex & Sierra.

After the first commercial break, Mario gave a recap of last night’s awesome show, which was packed with tremendous performances of songs refashioned into Big Band versions of them. Some of the competitors gave the best performances yet, and ones like Ellona Santiago. Josh Levi, and Carlito Olivero may have ensured himself a ticket to the Finals.

Mario announced that the first act is about to leave right now. He introduced the Top 8, onstage, and told them “Good luck. ” Then, he read the name of the person who got the lowest amount of votes from America. “Based on America’s votes, the act leaving the stage right now is — Lillie McCloud.”

Mario then said: “Right after the break, Demi Lovato will perform live!”

Back from the break, Mario spent a couple of moments talking to Josh Levi’s grandmother, and then Demi Lovato took the stage, singing her latest hit, “Neon Lights.” She gave an incredible performance, and had the audience screaming and cheering for her. She can really hit the high notes! The light show for the song was really spectacular, also.

Towards the end, there was fog at the bottom of the stage. The other judges and the audience gave her a standing ovation as she finished. Then Alex & Sierra and Josh Levi and his family wished America “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Mario: “Welcome back the X Factor finalists and their mentors! This is it – the first act safe and through to the Top 6 is — Carlito Olivero! The next act safe and through to next week is — Ellona Santiago! The third act through to the Top 6 is — Alex & Sierra! Also coming back next week is — Restless Road! That leaves Rion Paige, and Josh Levi. The last act going through to the Top 6 is Jeff Gutt!” He then added that “the Final Showdown will begin in just a few minutes.”

Both of these performers are amazing, and they both deserve to go on this season. I will be wishing both of them “good luck.” After the break, we’ll hear them sing what could be the final song they’ll be singing this season on The X Factor.

Mario was holding his young daughter in his arms when the show came back from break, and Mario’s daughter wished everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving.” Then, Michael Buble sang “It’s a Beautiful Day.” He had the audience clapping along, and getting into a festive holiday mood. They cheered and screamed for him as he sang. The audience applauded enthusiastically when he finished singing.

Before The X Factor went to the next break, the judges of the series each wished America a “Happy Thanksgiving.”

“It’s been a roller coaster night on The X factor so far,” Mario said.

Demi introduced Rion Paige, who will be the first performer to sing. The judges will determine which one will stay, and which will be sent home, after both have performed. Rion sang  “Perfect.”  She was excellent, as usual! She sang the song with such power and emotion, and had the audience screaming for her in appreciation, and clapping along as she sang. She hit some uber high high notes.

“Rion Paige threw down the gauntlet. Who will the judges send home? We’ll find out, in a moment,” Mario Lopez said, with his arm around Rion’s back, before The X Factor went to a commercial break.

“Can Josh Levi do better? One thing’s for sure, one of them will be going home tonight,” Mario said after the break.

Paulina then introduced Josh Levi, who the young females in the audience were screaming for before the first note of “When I Was Your Man” left his lips. He was great, and the women in the audience kept on screaming throughout his performance. I really like Rio Paige’s voice, but Josh Levi might have pulled off a victory with this song. He was very melodic, and he seemed to have the audience on his side. Will he also have the judges on his side, as well?

Mairo had both of the two, Josh and Rion, at his side. He had Rion first tell the judges why she should be the one to stay, then he had Josh also tell the judges why he should stay.

“The decision now, of course, lays with the judges,” Mario said.

“Demi, what is the name of the act you’ll be sending home?

Demi: “The act I’ll be sending home is Josh Levi.”

Paulina: “This is not cool. This is Thanksgiving. Of course, Josh is on my team, but Rion is above everybody else. I have to be loyal to my team, so I pick Josh.”

Kelly: “It is such an honor to be watching you both here. I feel that you both have grown so much during the last few weeks. This is so hard — the act I’m sending home is — Rion.”

Mario: “If you send home Rion, she’s going home. If you send home Josh, we’re deadlocked.”

Simon: “I don’t want this to be the end of the world, because it’s not. I genuinely mean it. You know what I’m going to do — I’ll let the public decide.”

The competition was deadlocked! Mario said: “The act with the lowest number of votes, who is going home, is — Josh Levi. Which means, Rion Paige, you’re going through to next week!”

Then, we had a look back at the great performances Josh gave throughout the competition. Mario said “We’re really sorry to see Josh go.” He added that the Top 6 will be back next week, performing on Monday.

What a dramatic way to end this episode of The X Factor! It was sad enough to see Lillie McCloud depart earlier in the episode; then, the sing-off showed both Rion Paige and Josh Levi give the performances of their young lives. Both of them did great, and deserved to stay, but the judges deadlocked, leaving the decision of who would be sent home to the votes both received from America. Rion received more votes, so she will continue on.

I’d like to know, America, if you felt that the two who were eliminated should have remained, and why, if you think they should, in the comment area below. Also, join with me next week, please, to watch The X Factor on Wednesday and Thursday, and then check back and please read my recap/review of the show!



Written by: Douglas Cobb

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