‘Thor: The Dark World’ Boring, Hard to Follow (Review)

At least the two main actors are hot

Thor the Dark World 2

Warning: Minor spoilers.

Thor: The Dark World was incredibly boring and very hard to follow. After seeing the first Thor and then also watching The Avengers (he was in that one, wasn’t he?) I really thought I would have a handle on all the ins and outs of the plot of the second Thor film.


In fact, I found myself closing my eyes and nodding off quite a lot during the movie, but rather than being awakened by the film itself, I would be torn from my slumber from time to time by the guy behind me, who kept kicking my seat really hard. The seat backs are so high that when I turned around to glare at him, all I found staring me back in the face was the fabric of the chair. I finally moved so I could snooze in peace.

During the times I was awake, I noticed that the 3-D was kind of lame. I saw it in Real D 3D. Other than the film having more depth to it than a traditional flat movie, I did not notice any cool things flying out of the screen and looking as though I could touch them, so that was very disappointing.

The movie starts off with… oh wait, I don’t even remember. One part I do remember was the professor guy running around naked at Stonehenge. There was absolutely no explanation for this during the course of the film, and I am still wondering why that character insisted on being naked. At a later point in the movie, he is walking around with no pants on. I guess the director was going for the “eccentric” professor thing. Otherwise, it was really unclear and kind of awkward.

I also remember lots of battle scenes (yawn.) After each battle, Natalie Portman would wander around looking frail and beautiful. In fact, that’s really all she did during the entire movie. It would have been much more interesting to see her kick some butt.

What else? Thor’s brother: who knows if he is a good guy or a bad guy? He constantly switches between being loyal to Thor and being really obnoxious, so it’s hard to tell. There are also some evil Elvin type creatures who want to plunge the entire universe into darkness. It’s very difficult to keep track of what the hell is going on with them. They have some weird horizontal ships that can be invisible but not really invisible. It’s also never explained regarding what benefit they would receive from the universe being plunged into eternal night. Are they cats? Cats can see things better at night. Come to think of it, they did look slightly feline.

In between battles, characters would be walking around all casually, as if nothing important were going on. That was very confusing and it was hard to tell why the bad guys had retreated, or even if they had retreated. My thoughts often wandered to who would be better to kiss: the guy who plays Thor or Natalie Portman. It’s actually impossible to tell.

Thor The Dark World
How are we supposed to decide who would be better to kiss when both actors are so beautiful?

After the movie, I went on Rotten Tomatoes and checked out the rating. I was shocked to find it had over 60% from critics and over 80% from fans, so now I’m thinking maybe it’s just me. Thor: The Dark World was boring and hard to follow, but maybe I am the only one who thinks so.

By: Rebecca Savastio