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Marvel Comic lovers everywhere can't wait for Sequel

Thor The Dark World


Comic buffs everywhere are looking forward to the Norse God, Thor, appearing once again on the big screen in this the second featured film. The anticipated sequel was directed by Alan Taylor, who also works on the HBO hit show Game of Thrones. Taylor also worked with well known writer Joss Whedon on some key scenes. It was filmed by Marvel Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Double Negative and Luma Pictures were among seven special effects studios that worked on the film, visuals that will hopefully knock the socks off the audiences feet. The movie was released already in London grossing over eight million dollars in Europe, easily becoming  a #1 hit. Thor: The Dark World will be released in the United States November 8th, 2013. And though it is rumored that it will be in competition with the movie Ender’s Game, speculation that the anticipation for another Marvel hero feature will no doubt in high attendance of comic buffs and geeks everywhere.

The storyline consists of Odin, Thor’s father and former king of the world Asgard, falling  to the threat of an enemy that even Odin cannot withstand. Thor and his hammer must save the world of Asgard from the threat of a rare cosmic alignment of the Nine Realms, with the help of Jane Foster, an astrophysicist from London. Jane, Thor’s lover(Of course she is. Ladies, you’ve seen him with his shirt off, right? Watch out Matthew McConaughey) is brought back to Asgard. Loki, arch nemesis and adopted brother proves to be a superior protagonist as Thor allies with Loki for help. This may prove to be his most difficult journey yet and in the end gives his adopted brother the well earned throne to Asgard.

Filming for Thor: The Dark world had originally started in Surrey, England before moving its sets to the frigid locale in Iceland. The cast will include several stars including Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as his love interest Jane Foster, and Anthony Hopkins a big screen classic, portraying Thor’s father and adoptive father to Loki. Scoring for Thor: The Dark World is done by Brian Tyler, who also did the musical score for Iron Man 3, the vocalist Azam Ali will also be featured on the soundtrack which was released digitally on October 28th, 2013. Marvel lovers can also see Thor: The Dark World digitally re-mastered at the IMAX. And for those who like a little more action can see it in IMAX 3D.

Prior to the release of Thor: The Dark World, Disney promoted the film with an attraction named the “Treasures of Asgard”. Gameloft hopped aboard giving smartphone users a video game called “Thor The Dark World the Official Game”…catchy. Marketing also includes several Geek Week trailers seen all over Youtube. Rated PG 13 Thor: The Dark World is sure to be a must see flick for the geeky family and Marvel Comics fans everywhere. Pass the Sourpatch Kids and popcorn, I’ll see you all there.


By Teidi Bishop


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