What Did Barack Obama Know?

And when did he know it?

President Barack Obama

For those of us of a certain age who can remember back to the days, before Obama, when a certain republican president told us he was not a crook, the past few weeks are an eerie reminder of those times. The question asked at that time and the question asked now is the same: What did the Obama know and when did he know it? One was being asked about a third-rate break-in at a Washington office building, the other is being asked about the possible failure of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA). One brought down the presidency; the results of the other remain to be seen. One president had the press against him; the other has the press in his pocket.

President Barack Obama has continued to insist that people will be able to keep their current healthcare plans under the ACA also known as Obamacare, even though it has been shown it just isn’t true. In fact even NBC news, one of the president’s media allies is reporting that the administration knew all the way back in 2010 that at least 40 to 67 percent of the people would be losing their current plans. Of course the CSO (Chief Spin Officer) Jay Carney has tried to convince people the president really said that people could keep their plans as long as they met the new requirements of Obamacare. Evidently when the president was telling us we could keep our plans period, the “unless” part must have fallen off the teleprompter. Even this morning White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer on ABC “This Week” gave the same explanation, “If you had a plan before the Affordable Care Act passed that hasn’t been changed or canceled, you can keep it.”

And of course one of the administration’s top cheerleaders, The New York Times, is once again coming to the defense saying in an editorial that President Obama clearly misspoke when he said people could keep their policies, we should have known. Isn’t that like when he evolved his position on same sex marriage?  They are also spinning the fact these plans which people are losing aren’t really any good anyway, even if the people who had them did like them. Once again the government knows best what is good for us.

Then we have the now very familiar chorus of this whole debacle somehow being the fault of the Republicans and the Tea Party. Never mind it was the Tea Party who was predicting most of the things which are in fact happening, would happen, the left won’t acknowledge they have been wrong, instead bending over backwards (or maybe just bending over) to not blame themselves.

We have the Daily Kos, definitely a website of record for the left, trying to tell us there is nothing to see here, the problems with Obamacare are all in our heads and they are just Republican talking points. Former Clinton Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, even went so far as to blame a former republican president, saying this was all his idea. No, it wasn’t George Bush, he went back even further than that, and he says it was Richard Nixon who first proposed it back in 1974. Of course, Reich like many others can’t help but remind us, although not very often, how the plan was modeled after Mitt Romney’s plan in Massachusetts. Unfortunately they fail to mention how the plan in Massachusetts has actually failed to decrease costs of medical insurance, has failed to cut down the number of people being forced to use emergency rooms and the increase wait times at the doctor’s office, when you can finally get an appointment, all these things we were promised, and this doesn’t even mention the increase in our taxes from Romneycare.

With all this will we have the same result as back in 1974 when that other president decided to take an early retirement? Probably not, you see the difference is that president knew when he was beat and admitted it, this one never will.

Commentary by: Paul Roy


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